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David Kohl ([personal profile] phonomancer) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2008-10-19 11:10 pm
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Life lies a slow suicide
Orthodox dreams and symbolic myths
From feudal serf to spender
This wonderful world of purchase power

Just like lungs sucking on air
Survivals natural as sorrow, sorrow, sorrow

Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness


As he comes through the door, Kohl's right hand automatically reaches for the play button on the answer machine.

Which, though it is a somewhat ancient relic of electronic convenience, is not where it is expected to be.

This is not David Kohl's flat. This... is Milliways.

It's not been that long for Kohl, but enough weirdness has happened that he might as well take a seat at the Bar and have a drink.

[OOC: Gonna have to be slowtimes only I'm afraid. Logged in as another journal and wondered why Kohl's post wasn't showing up in Bar. It would help if I actually posted the damn thing wouldn't it. :)]