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Steve is looking very serious today; he's got newspapers, a map, and graph paper spread out in front of him, enough of it to take up an entire table. If one looks closely, the papers are all detailing the 'retirement' of Captain America, the map is of a several-storied building, and the graph paper is covered in doodles, scribbles and plans.

He looks like he could use some distraction.

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Adrian got a good look at himself in the mirror earlier today, and saw just how badly his uniform was in need of maintenance. The forests of western Pennsylvania aren't nice to clothing even without alien predators roaming the landscape, and there was damage left from Black Mesa to boot. Thus, he opted to toss the Bar some of his remaining cash (he didn't have much in his wallet when Goose 6 took off for Black Mesa back in 2001) and get an olive drab T-shirt, a pair of inexpensive khaki cargo pants, and a sewing kit.

He's looking for a spot to sit down and start his repairs when one of the newspaper articles catches his eye. He's never been a comic book reader, and really doesn't know the name, but it's the kind of title that's just a little bit hard to miss.
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"Sorry, sir," says Shephard. "Been out of the loop a while, and I saw the paper, so-" He shrugs. "Won't do that again."

The accent is West Virginia holler country. Chuck Yeager, only faster and a little more mumbled.
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"Marine Corps, sir. Corporal Adrian Shephard, Hazardous Environment Combat Unit as of May of 2001."

The other details can wait until he sees whether they're really necessary or not.
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Shephard could not have snapped to attention and a full salute faster or more neatly if he'd been a marionette and Jim Henson had been pulling his strings. "Sir."
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"Yessir." Shephard drops his hand and settles back on his heels. "Same here, sir. I only just got here last night, I don't know much about the place yet."
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Shephard nods. "A couple of folks've tried to fill me in so far, and they're doin' all right, I guess, but..." He hesitates. "You said you're from 2090, sir?"
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"Yeah, they mentioned that... Sir, I don't suppose there's any chance you could tell me if there's a Pittsburgh in your time? I'm just... well, my world's got problems, and I"m just tryin' to check up on one of 'em..."
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Shephard nods slowly. "Okay," he says, "okay. Uh. 's just occurred to me you might not... you know, be from the same world as me. They ever call it 'the Scab', where you come from? Or was there ever somewhere called 'City 23', or 'City 17'?"
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"Ah. Damn." He shakes his head. "Sorry, sir. It was worth a shot."
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"Fuckin' dog bastard sh-" He pulls himself up short. "Sorry, sir. Yes. I am familiar with the name, sir."
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Shephard takes refuge in formality, as generations of every kind of soldier have done before him.

"Sir, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit was dispatched to Black Mesa Research Facility on May sixteenth of 2001 under orders to put down the alien intrusion caused by the scientific experiments being performed on the premises. There were additional orders to silence all possible witnesses and leave nothing present alive. Dr. Freeman was the only scientist of whom I am aware who mounted any kind of resistance."

He takes a breath.

"Sir, I am aware that those orders are illegal. My transport plane was shot down before our CO could give us those orders. I did not become aware of them until most of HECU had already pulled out. That does not change the fact that Dr. Freeman killed more Marines in one day than a bad drill instructor does in a year, sir."
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Shephard nods once, hands behind his back.

"May I ask how it is you know the man, sir?"
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It's ... difficult... to think of anything to say beyond that.

Although it does leave Shephard wondering, as his eyes drift down to the map again, just exactly what some of those markings signify...

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