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Claudia's four days at home so far have included:

*Welcome-home spaghetti and cookies (nomful);
*going through the whole story with Leena;
*inventory with Pete, who wanted the dish on the nuke-scuttling;
*making both of them promise not to tell Artie just how bad things got (getting rid of the door wouldn't keep Milliways out of her life, and she'd rather know she's going in there as often as possible, kthx);
*reassuring Artie that getting sucked into the apocalypse (all of them) was not her idea; and

Right now, she's... at home still, actually, trying to research some leads for Artie. But who said that had to stop her from using T-Minus? repositoryBadger is in the house and would definitely not mind some trolling.
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trackedTraumate [TT] began trolling repositoryBadger [RB]

[TT}: Hello?
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TT: It would be handy. I'm Ako.
TT: Are things stable at Milliways again?
TT: I ended up at a different place than home when I tried my door last time.
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TT: That's good to hear. Read.
TT: Either way I wasn't sure about getting back to school from here.
TT: Let alone seeing anyone again from Milliways.
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TT: Something like Zanaris?
TT: There's fairies here. They run a portal network or teleports or something.
TT: I think I'm missing a lot of it.
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TT: Well it looked like home when I started.
TT: It just ended up dumping me into some sort of room where messed up teleports get caught.

Hurrah for proper handling of error cases. Even ones that weren't planned for initially.