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The last time they spoke, Con had indicated that he may know the whereabouts of the gang of vampires currently trying to claim New Arcadia as their hunting grounds. Rae is expecting him tonight, as the plan is to go and... well, try the peaceful solution. See if they will change their ways.

Sunshine doubts it'll work - she has had messy run-ins with members of that group before - very serious doubts. Sick anticipation of the night to come had distracted her so badly at work that Charlie had noticed, and had sent her home early. She wanted to get away for a while, and almost as though called, there had been a door to Milliways replacing her apartment door. A welcome escape.

Nervous energy had driven her to bake. Something to keep her hands busy (measuring, mixing, kneading, lifting) with the peripheral benefit of extra money. Soon there is a red-headed baker setting a large tray of baked goods on a central table, and untying the sunflower-dotted blue apron from around her waist.

Small signs name and price them accordingly:

Sunshine's Baked Goods
Cinnamon Rolls As Big As Your Head: $3.50
(Extra Icing: $.50)
Caramel Cataclysms: $3
Lemon Lechery: $2.50
Chocoholia: $2.25
Hell's Angelfood: $2.25
Meringuamania: $2.00
Muffins: $2/each
(blueberry-pecan, cranberry-walnut, jalapeno-cornbread, chocolate-strawberry, apple-cinnamon)

Come and get 'em while they're hot!
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If Kenny had gone back to his world, he still would have smelled this sweet, sweet gloriousness from across the universe. And he's grateful that he'd brought his wallet.

He takes a few sad, crumpled bills out of it and smooths them out on the table.

"One of each, please."

He re-examines just how much cash he has. Yeah, not enough for that.

"Actually, just one of the Chocoholia, which I assume is made of chocolate. Please."
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He does indeed have two dollars and a quarter!

"Five-- five different kinds...?" he murmurs as he takes the chocolatey treat, his eyes wide and eager like a child's.

He bites into it.

"Oh my good lord, I have to sit down."

He quickly pulls out the nearest chair and plops down into it, pure euphoria on his face.

As soon as he regains the power of speech, he looks at Rae. "Are you a goddess? Surely no mortal being can bake something as incredible as this."

And he hasn't even been here long enough to meet any immortals.
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"Sunshine, huh? Then I hope I get to be most people. Very nice to meet you, Sunshine, I'm Kenny." He stands and offers a hand (free of any chocolate smudges) to shake. "So, do you come in here and do this sort of thing often, selling your baked goods?"
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"And thus we reap the benefits of your labor. I don't think I can say it enough, this is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted, and I've tasted some pretty amazing things in my lifetime. It's the cocoa nibs. Definitely a fan of the cocoa nibs."

Yes, Kenny loves his sweets.

"Where are you from, when you're not randomly here?"
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"Um. Hm. Okay. I'm really new around here, so hearing about any place that isn't from my own small and mundane little Earth from 2006 is going to confuse the hell out of me, but y'know, I'm trying. The chocolate nibs help. So, uh, where exactly is Independencia?"
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He scratches his head as he tries to process this. There ought to be a class here that teaches newbies about the existence of alternate universes.

Kenny probably isn't ready for the specific differences.

"Yeah, we call it the United States of America, but hey, Independencia has a nice ring to it, too. Is this what you do for a living there, baking nuggets of sugary sweet joy?"
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"Mmm, sounds wonderful. I can almost smell it all." ...Well, he is standing near the table laden with baked goods, so it doesn't require much imagination.

"Me, I'm a firefighter for the city of New York."
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Kenny beams, and maybe even blushes, as it does the heart good to hear things like that every so now and then.

"Oh, well, thank you, I appreciate that. Good to know that we're still doing what we're meant to do on whatever Earth we happen to exist on. Including fetching lunch orders," he adds with a chuckle. "Getting and preparing food is an important part of life in a firehouse, you know. I'm usually in charge of sending the boys out on sandwich runs, but I cook for everyone, too, if there's time. Chicken parmesan, pork chops, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, that sort of thing. Comfort food, I guess you would say."
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Ah, a woman after his own heart! And stomach.

"Oh, God, yes, that would be fantastic, thank you for the offer. I promise next time I'll have enough cash for, say, half a dozen with extra icing?"