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It's been nearly a month since Raylan crash landed into Wheelsy and then disappeared, and neither Bill nor Kate has had any contact with the bar since.

So tonight, when it picks him up as he's leaving the station, Millways takes Bill completely by surprise.

Out of uniform, and feeling the day more than a little, Bill takes in his surroundings and sighs.

"'Bout damn time."

Now to figure out what the hell happened here, and who's left after it.

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The front door swings open behind Bill, letting in a warm blast of Alabama air behind him. Doc keeps moving clear of the threshold and nearly runs into Bill's back, sidestepping easily past the man.

"Y'mind not standin' n'the doorway, pal," he grumbles, before getting an honest to God look at the man's face.

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He's definitely seen a bit of sun, and his hair is slicked back, slightly damp with the humidity and sweat of a long afternoon's work outdoors.

"Bout time your sorry ass showed up," he mutters, keeping the straight face for only a half-second before he all but wraps Bill up in a bear hug.
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"And m'glad I didn't see you a couple'a months ago," he adds, stepping back (and out of the path of the door and any incoming patrons) and offering Bill a smile. "You missed one helluva show, but can't say I'm sorry for it."

Even if Bill could've kicked some ass in the process.
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Doc motions to a rat.

"Yeah, couple months. You missed...a lot. Could we get two beers," he asks the rat, who squeaks in the affirmative. "And maybe some of those giant pretzel things with that cheese."

(Someone introduced Doc to Superpretzels and beercheese at some point, and he's kind of hooked.)

"There was a hell dimension open out back, for a bit," he adds, for a starter.
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"It...was really, really bad," Doc admits. "That's why m'glad you weren't here. Or Kate. I'd have hated for somethin' t'have happened to either of you."
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"I know Raylan," Doc nods. "He's here, and back in most'a one piece."

He glances around the bar.

"They've got it put back to rights, thankfully. A few things ain't the same as they always been, but...for the most part, s'good. I had some trouble with my own door, on the way out."
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When Will finds a door, he's limping from a bad hit in a fight and there's some blood dripping down his brow as he makes his way to the counter.

It takes him a moment to notice Bill and then his face lights up, "Bill, been too long."
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"Oh aye, just a fight, naught that bad. Join me, need to clean meself up an I'll get ye a drink. Where've ye been?"

There have been a lot of fights in Sherwood of late and this one hasn't left him too banged up.
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"Aye, was bad. I was 'ere till the end and the beginnin',"

Which is still strange to think about and at the counter, a first aid kit appears along with two beers.
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"It all ended an then it began 'gain, were e'en angels,"

It's still hard to think about or talk about as it was so much.
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"Aye, some'ow, dinna understand, was all breakin' apart an then came back together,"

He dabs the cut over his eye with some alcohol and takes a long drink, it was strange.
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"Aye, tis what counts."
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"Some 'ard fights but we're makin' do. Could ye 'elp me with this, 'ard to clean me own face?"

He's wiped away a good bit of the blood but can't seem to make it stop yet.
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If Bill makes his way over to the bar, a note will materialize on the counter.

Bill --

Thanks again for the hospitality.

I don't exactly know what happened just now, but I'm back here, and I'm all right. Everything seems to be back to normal business as usual, near as I can tell.

What a bunch of Twilight Zone shit.

Drink this, maybe it'll help.

-- Raylan

Once Bill reads the note, a bottle of top-shelf bourbon will appear, courtesy of the U.S. Marshals Service.
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Clementine hasn't seen Bill in forever - and the sight of him's enough to make her laugh aloud in surprise.

"You late coming back too?"
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"Could be better, and I could be worse," she admits. "I'm less one boyfriend and one fiance now, so I'm single and ready to mingle."