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...Okay, when did Milliways become the inside of a giant toybox? Good luck to anybody walking around in bare feet, because stray Lego pieces hurt like a sonuvabitch.

"Cubefall? Cyberwhat? Why would I wanna sample-- what?

"The hell? Who's that supposed to be? That doesn't even look like me! And a goddamn ladybug? Are you kidding? --Is that a sabre-toothed tiger? Huh. That would...actually be kinda cool. And a giant robot...wait, it transforms? Really..."

Tommy stands there for a long time before finally making his choice.

So please excuse the scaled-down (12' or so) red-and-black robot that's suddenly appeared in the bar along with the exclamation, "Holy shit." Just wait until he steps outside and discovers what he can transform into.

[tiny tag: Kenny "Lou" Shea]
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Kenny comes downstairs from his room to find that everything has changed into building blocks. And that there seem to be an inordinate amount of small animals and robots around.

Why. Why.

You know what, he'll just go back upstairs and sleep until all of this goes away.

Except that he sees Tommy at the bar, staring at a screen. And then in a blink of an eye, Tommy is replaced by a giant fucking robot, and yeah, Kenny just wants to sleep all of this off.

Nevertheless, he marches straight up to robot Tommy and glares up at him.

"What the hell did you just do?"
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"Oh, I can see that, Tommy. Believe me. I can see that. What I'm more interested in, is what possessed you to even go along with whatever the hell is going on here. What is going on here, anyways?"
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"Hell no, I'm not reconfiguring anything. I don't even want to see what my choices are. It's not right!"
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"Jealous of being a giant walking, talking tin can? I think not, Tommy."

...Okay, maybe a little.

"How long are you supposed to stay like this?"
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Reluctantly, Kenny requests a screen.

These are his options: this, this, and this.

Tommy bursts out laughing.

"Very funny. Goddammit, I knew I shouldn't have looked." He hits NO on the screen.