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They've got a skeleton crew running things in the CIC, he thinks. Maybe. He's not sure.

All Hoshi knows is that he's not on duty right now, he's not going to be on duty again for a while, and he's been off duty for long enough to be well on his way to washing away the shock with liberal quantities of the latest batch of hooch.

Pretty much everyone's had the same idea, as far as he can tell, anyway. The rec room is as crowded as he's ever seen it, but silent as the grave -- or as the planet they'd just landed on, how's that for a pleasant thought -- which is still one frak of a nice contrast to the ragged sounds of weeping echoing down the halls from the group gathered in front of the photo-filled memorial wall.

In fact, he's done such a good job of working on drowning his sorrows with the others that it takes a while for him to realize that Felix hasn't joined them yet. Hoshi mutters some excuse and gives up his seat and his bottle in favor of weaving his way unsteadily back down the corridor to go in search.

It doesn't take him long to make his way up to the observation deck, and from there to Milliways.

(By the time he gets there, Felix is no longer in the main bar.)

Hoshi looks around with dull eyes, hesitating and uncertain, then takes a seat at a nearby table to wait.

He can keep drinking here just as easily as he could back with the others, anyway.

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Good. God knows he needs it right now.

Which --

Cordelia frowns for a moment in thought, and her face clears quickly.

"Listen," she says quietly, "can I ask you a favor?"
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... yeah, she's gonna let that one go.

"I don't know what the protocol in your Fleet is like, but ... would you have any way to get a message to President Roslin for me?"
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"Good. If it's going through channels ... maybe just keep it to letting her know that I've heard what's happened and I'd like to speak to her, whenever she might have the chance."
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It's an effort to keep the amusement off her face, but only a slight one. In any case: she is not going to tell Hoshi what she has in mind, at least not before she has a chance to discuss it with the President.

(Fifty thousand people, she remembers one of them telling her. Fifty thousand people; maybe less. She isn't the Vicereine anymore, but ... Sergyar could absorb that many without more than a wobble on the annual immigration stats.)

"Please do," she says gravely. "Thank you."