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[Not-really-OOM: Days pass at Milliways.]

And then one morning Thor comes down the stairs to find the door plain to see on the wall that yesterday had been blank.

Thor can take a hint. And he has friends to see on Midgard, and promises to keep. He goes upstairs, and changes his shirt for the one he had worn the day he came. His jeans and boots and jacket are the same in any case. He puts the key to his Milliways room in a pocket, and leaves Ellen's armor and sledge there with the extra clothes Bar provided for him. Milliways has many portals in New Mexico, it seems, and he expects to return soon enough.

It's not going home. It's trading one exile for another, but both have been kind to him.

He leaves, and the door closes quietly behind him onto a New Mexico rooftop and a New Mexico sunrise.

[OOC: This is just an exit post, not for threading, although feel free to react if you like.]