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We are cleared for Multi-Pup Post, red leader:


Out by the Lake, on a hillside that overlooks the island where the Loompas continue to construct their beer bottle temple, sits a man in a maroon kimono. While he appears to be in a deeply meditative state the extra blanket to his left , along with the extra blanket to his right indicates that he could be expecting someone.

You, perhaps.



There's a table by the Observation Window mostly covered by various maps of The World. very least The World as Commander Bumi knows it. He's leaning on one elbow as he pours over the maps, a cup of very strong tea in his free hand. The bright red overcoat of Bumi's United Forces uniform is draped on the chair back behind him.

He will figure this out. He will.



The Staff Hallway door swings open and a severely sleep deprived looking Mike emerges in pajama pants, a bathrobe, and bunny slippers. He yawns as he shuffles towards Bar and occupies a stool towards her middle.

The moment he settles an English muffin with strawberry jam appears along side a large glass of water and a couple of Advil Liquigels. Mike smiles, and is just about to partake of them when something catches his eye.

Something in her finish that...either he never noticed before, or is entirely new.

He moves his plate to get a better look, his eyes widening as he does so.

In the center of Bar's top.
Inlaid among the grain.

A symbol which almost resembles an X'd out circle.

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