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Second Entrance! (First he remembers though!)

The door opens onto the New Mexico desert, though the ground is a foot or so down from the level of the door.

Up into the bar, facing out, climbs Erik Selvig.

When he turns round, he freezes. "What?"

This seems too much like a bad dream.
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"Oh," says the grey-haired young woman at a nearby table, looking up from a sheaf of paper covered in very small ,very neat handwriting. "Surprise door today, I take it?"
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"The door to this place tends to surprise people," Ellen says. She's... just going to treat this as their first meeting, at least unless he remembers something. She's dealt with 'don't you remember?' 'no, what did I do?' situations before in the Vault, thanks to Mrs. DeLoria. Easier this way. "Um... I can explain, at least a little, but it's going to sound kind of ridiculous. You might want to sit down."
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"All right," says Ellen, "that should make things a little easier, I guess. I don't know where you just came in from, but it's probably Earth, since most people here seem to be from Earth. You just happen to have stepped into a different dimension that connects to a whole lot of others."

"I told you it was going to sound ridiculous. It only sounds more like a Grognak the Barbarian comic from here on out, too."
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Ellen nods. "Two of them come here, actually," says Ellen. "I've met Sif here, and Thor Odinson. They...well, Asgard isn't part of my universe so far as I know. See, a lot of different possible versions of Earth, or other worlds, are all represented here- different timelines and histories. A lot of people here are from worlds where the name 'Neil Armstrong' means something, for example. Thst's not the case back home."

"Grognak the Barbarian. Or Captain Cosmos, or maybe Drake Tungsten the Chrono-Cowboy. They're all very old comics back home."
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Ellen nods. "I've seen him here several times," she says, "and he helped me with a mission back in my world. Which isn't the one you know, even though it's Earth, because in the history of my world, the first man on the Moon was named Richard Wade. And the first man in space at all was an American named Carl Bell. Things are very different from person to person here."
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"I guess so?" Ellen hazards. "I'm not really- I didn't do that well in my physics lessons, compared to mechanical engineering and the other hard sciences. But I think I've heard someone refer to that, so, yes."
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"Well, the other people who come here tell me it's at the end of the universe, so basically it's a dimension outside the regular flow of time," Ellen says. "I don't know how the portals that bring people here tend to work, just that they're less likely to open accidentally if you learn how to open them on purpose."
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"Usually, by carrying something that was manufactured here or otherwise provided by the Bar- it's a voice activated AI, it's got some kind of spot teleporter that brings requested items in- and by concentrating on the place while you walk through a door with the object on your person," Ellen says. "I'm not sure about how it manages to scan for stuff like that, if that's even what's going on."
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"I could show you if you want," Ellen suggests. "The door's never given me trouble yet."
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Ellen nods, scoops up a napkin printed with the Milliways name, and heads for the door. It opens on the sun-blasted landscape of the Capital Wasteland, in the wreckage of the town of Minefield: ancient houses, burnt pavement, the shattered hulk of a car whose atomic power plant had been penetrated by a sniper bullet before exploding. "This particular area is actually perfectly safe, if you wanted a look on my side," she says. "If not, I'm going to close the door behind me, and you can wait a few seconds before opening it to check on your own world. Then I'll come back from here."
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"Well, there used to be a sniper holed up in the ruins of an office building at the east end of town," Ellen says. "And a lot of areas are still dotted with anti-personnel mines. But I cleared the immediate area so I could walk up to a door and out again without losing a limb or something."
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"That's why I asked," says Ellen, and steps outside. The door closes behind her.

If Erik opens the door himself, it'll show... well, the car he came in from. And when Ellen returns thirty seconds after that, she'll have a dusty, mottled book with her. "Grabbed this from one of the houses," she says. "It's from the 2077 edition of the Encylopedia Atomica. Volume ten: Egusquiza to Falsetto. I may need to take this back to the Citadel, but you're welcome to look it over if you want for now."
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"Two hundred and one, by now," says Ellen. "Hence the awful condition. I've seen older documents in better shape, but they were preserved in the Na-"

She stops, mid-word, and blinks.

"Oh. Oh dear. I never did tell you, did I- I'm so sorry, I was born in the year 2258. My name's Ellen Park. There was a nuclear war in October of 2077 in my world's history and things just haven't been the same since."
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"I'm really sorry. Usually I tell people that right after making sure they're not from my world's history," Ellen says. "But... yes, that's the case at home. Just be glad your future isn't going to wind up being mine, what with your history already being different and all."

"And on that note I should probably tell you that the Bar is voice activated and your first drink is free."
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It's not far to the Bar; Ellen comes back with two pints of Sam Adams. "I hope this'll do," she says. "I should probably note that I've met you here before- you might not remember. You came in with Thor Odinson. There were boilermakers involved."
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"Well, that happens," says Ellen. "Don't worry, there wasn't much to remember about it- just an introduction and all. It's all good."
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"I should probably mention that it's been more than just a day for me since meeting the two of you," Ellen adds. "Time passes differently here than it does at home. And no time at all passes on your side of the door while you're here, either."
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"You get used to it eventually," Ellen says. "Especially if you need extra time to get work done before a deadline, or to study or to sleep- there's rooms upstairs for rent, if you ever need them."
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"Oh yes," says Ellen. "For study, or for physical training when there's a qualifying exam coming up- I'm a soldier at home, so I made sure I got extra training and endurance practice here after my last serious injury so I'd be sure to recover enough to go back into the field. Or for sleeping somewhere safe when I'm traveling, and then I go home and pick up exactly where I left off, which makes it easier to go a long way quickly. Or even if all I want is to read up on things in the library upstairs so I get my research done about an area before I visit it."
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"Sometimes," says Ellen. "One of my superiors became convinced I was getting assistance from a subterranean civilization of mole people, and I had to tell her about this place. They've taken to making up their own answers since."
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"Well, yes and no," Ellen says. "Star Paladin Cross ultimately wound up believing me. The thing is that the Brotherhood of Steel- the military I'm serving in- has a mandate to retrieve technology and resources wherever possible, since, well, the post-nuclear world's low on all of that. I've been asked not to tell anyone else among my superiors about the place so that they're not obligated to attempt to come here and pursue that mandate. Just so long as I can do what's needed, that's all they care about."