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Notes and Exit (Millitimed to Jan 20th)

After this, Clint writes two notes and leaves them with the bar.

The first note he tells the bar is for "The intimidating bald black man with an eyepatch, a skinny white guy called Phil Coulson, or Maria Hill."

Sir or Ma'am,

This is me. If you haven't been here, ask for the note I wrote under my real name for "the lady," you should have permission to access it. If you could return it to the bar for safe keeping, I would appreciate it.

I will be submitting a report to the expected authorities once I get back. You should have it shortly.

The second note he tells the Bar will be for a red-haired woman who asks for it with his name, or anyone who gets the first note and asks to see the note Clint Barton wrote for "the lady".


Welcome to Milliways! If you can see the door, you can go back where you came from. Time might hold still, but it seems to vary from rumor. It's alien tech or magic. People come in from basically anywhere and there's time-travel.

The security team wears silver badges, and has some type of holding cell. You don't need a permit to carry, just follow the rules inside the structure.

A. No non-defensive physical violence (no matter who)
B. Keep things in the main room rated PG.

If you don't have a door, you're probably stuck. There are rooms upstairs and an unmonitored range out back. I don't know if you can put up a tab under a false name, I just didn't start one. My name's the one I was born with because I came here before I ate my Wheaties.

I'm submitting a report about this once I get home.

PS The coffee is fantastic. Buy it or something stronger on me with the attached cash, if you don't want to start a tab.

He wishes he could leave a note for the rest of SHIELD, but there's no way to do that without actively compromising security. He trusts his team not to fuck up, but the trainees and the greenhorns? They could probably use a reminder that nowhere is actually safe.

Instead he finishes off his second mug of coffee, shoulders the bag of groceries he got from the Bar, and goes home.