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The door slowly creaks open.

An FDNY lieutenant pokes his head in. Looks left, looks right.

Certain that nobody from his crew is here, he then slips inside and shuts the door behind him. Pulling a cigar from his pocket, he sniffs it deeply, then begins to light it up. He takes his first few puffs, savoring the smoke and the taste of tobacco.

This no-smoking bullshit has really been getting to him in a bad way.
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Congratulations, Kenny. You are the lucky winner of one millitimed SEAL.

We don't really mean winner winner, but we say milltimed because he's at a table, eying a reddish mark on his forearm (that he was supposed to have gotten six months ago) like it's going to explode.

He's also moving his index finger around in his mouth, focusing on his toothline.

(He's checking for fangs. Can't be too paranoid.)
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Voodoo looks up at Kenny and shakes his head. "Nah. Vampire bite," he says through his index finger.

[OOC: mun will have to beg slowtimes very soon.]
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"I...might be?"

He honestly doesn't know. That freak said he wasn't a changer, but you know vampires, Lou.

(Actually, we take that back, you don't.)
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Voodoo shrugs. "Don't think so." He opens his mouth a little wider, lifts his lips up, revealing his gumline for Kenny's perusal. "C'n y'see any?"
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Voodoo shakes his head. "Nothin' like that, but..."

He hesitates. "The thing is - I was lookin' in a mirror a coupla minutes ago, and I couldn't see my reflection."

The plot thickens!
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Voodoo solemnly shakes his head.

No, Kenny. He is most definitely not shitting you.

That would be very painful.
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"Well, the infirmary's empty, and I can't find no - 'vampire expert'..."

"...but don't you smokeeaters get, like, EMT training?"

That is a semi-acceptable substitute!

Kind of!
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"Twenty, thirty minutes ago?"


"You ain't thinkin' of suckin' it out, are you? 'cause ironic as that might be, it's kinda counter-intuitive."
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Voodoo follows -

- and indeed Madame Bar does! It's actually of the "Complete Idiot's Guide To" brand, but it looks very much like it deals with vampires and the killing/slaughtering/maiming thereof.

Voodoo picks it up and begins to flip through the pages, skimming it until he's about halfway through.

"Okay," he says, putting the book on the bartop for Kenny to see. "'cordin' to this, we really only got...four ways t'go about this. Lotsa rice, lotsa garlic, or exposure to holy symbols-slash-light. Everything else...well. I'd probably die."

Then as a SEAL-turned-vampire might make for a really good fall B-movie, but it's not something Voodoo wants to go through.