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It is an impulse that drives her this evening; an impulse and a restlessness, the combination of which leads her to lay aside her current work and enter Milliways, instead.

Soon enough, the Aes Sedai is settled at a table with a pot of tea gently steaming near at hand, and a delicate china cup in front of her.

As she sips, she observes the bar and its patrons with definite interest.
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Nynaeve glides into the bar, muttering under her breath about bloody foolish Accepted trying too much much too quickly in Tel'aran'rhiod.

Then she notices her surroundings.

Only then does she permit herself a quick sigh.

"Just once I'd like for it to be my choice to come here. One time."

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Nynaeve neither catches her breath nor injects a little more starch into her own spine. She simply adjusts her course in the direction of that too-familiar voice, hands caught halfway between yanking on a braid that is no longer there and smoothing down her already-smoothed skirts.

"Only a meeting with the Amyrlin, but as I already know no one is dead, doubtless it can wait a few moments."

She takes a breath, pausing to study everything about the other woman before she takes a seat.

"How are you, Moiraine? Might I hope the Apocalypse I heard tell of here did you no harm?"
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"Light, given that it took the trouble to bring me all this way, it had better."

She keeps her tone equable through that, however. It helps to have dealt with Milliways before.

"The meeting itself is merely to discuss how we might best use certain ter'angreal for the benefit of the Tower. We have a great many discussions on that topic, these days."

Nynaeve presses her lips together for a moment, fighting the urge to look toward the front door.

"I think a cup of tea may do wonders, at this point."

Though she makes no move to pour the tea herself. Not just yet.

"Speaking of wonders -- have you seen that woolheaded sheepherder here recently?"
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"Thank you."

Nynaeve's face settles into softer lines, just for a second. Softer, and maybe a little sad.

"With the Last Battle coming up so quickly, I'd almost hoped he'd found his way here again. Just to give him more time."

She exhales gently, lifting up the teacup and taking a quick sip.

"Though I will say he was a great deal better than he'd been in quite some time, when I left him."

Here she meets Moiraine's gaze quite directly.

"It almost went very wrong, Moiraine. We came within a hair's breadth of disaster."
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"He thought he had to be hard. Emotionless. He destroyed an entire fortress with Balefire. He almost killed Tam."

Nynaeve takes another long swallow of tea.

"It's different now. I can see it when I Delve, though I doubt many others can. He's able to fight the corruption of the Dark One with his mere presence."

Her mouth curves in something that she is trying very hard to turn into a smile.

"Fortunately Min remains with him, to keep his pride in check. But even she could not reach him, for a time."

"I could have wished you were there."

Far moreso than Cadsuane, though she was still the best choice of a bad lot.
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"I do know that," Nynaeve says, setting her teacup down with a decisive clink.

"And I find myself in much the same situation, as I will be accompanying him into the Bore once he is prepared to go."

She cannot say she is looking forward to it, but it must be done.

(And she wouldn't particularly trust anyone else.)
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"Some," Nynaeve says tersely, fingertip clinking where she taps it against the side of her mug.

"Though I think he hasn't yet chosen all that his strategy will be. More than he might like depends on the choices of others, Egwene not least among them. And the Borderlanders, as it happens."

She purses her lips.

"Not to mention the Seanchan."
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"Egwene questions his desire to break the seals to the Dark One's prison."

She huffs out a quiet breath, lifting her tea up to her mouth again, though she does not take a sip.

"If they dealt with each other as Amyrlin and Dragon Reborn it might almost be easier than when they are simply Egwene and Rand. Ah, well."

Nynaeve's exhale this time is quieter.

"As for those Borderlanders, he tried to meet with them before, which was nearly an utter disaster. As of yet he has not approached them again, but. Well."

She sets down her tea, folding one hand over the other, expression gone calm.

"I admit I have some hopes that he will send them after Lan. Eventually."
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"At least now he is not convinced that he needs to do everything alone."

She doesn't scowl, but it is a near thing.

"I think -- and I am hardly alone in this -- that such a change may well be the saving of him, and indeed of us all."

Here she shakes her head a little.

"And he has Lews Therin to help him, as well. Even if that Lews Therin is also himself."

She raises a hand in Moiraine's direction.

"Don't ask me how that works. Even Rand has a difficult time explaining, and he hasn't even seen what it looks like."
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Moiraine is an overachiever. Raven would doubtless agree, were he here.

But in his absence --

"So I did, and it's something many of the lands should be grateful for, particularly Arad Doman. They'd be in a great deal more trouble than they currently are, had he not been able to save all the rotted grain."

Here she smiles very slightly. It is necessary to take pleasure where one can, when it all may be gone in the next hour.

"He makes it easier to get a good cup of tea, these days, as well."
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Nynaeve bites back a snort, huffing out a quiet breath instead.

"I'd say around all of them, as far as that goes."
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Nynaeve merely raises a brow, the rest of her expression remaining composed.

"As I have firsthand knowledge of that, I can't say I disagree with you, Moiraine. But the other boys -- men now, I suppose -- are no less fundamental, even if their role may be smaller. Strange at that may still seem for Mat."

She takes a careful sip of her tea.

"They would not be ta'veren, else."