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Guppy comes out of the infirmary and leaves a note for Charles. Due to his latest patient being startled, he has the three infirmary waitrats sitting on his shoulder; they disperse as he sits at the bar.

'Hi Charles,
I have a newcomer in the infirmary who fell in after jumping off a tall object. He's still very disorientated, understandably, but I'm concerned he presents a continuing risk to himself. If you could take a look at him I'd be very grateful.

He is startled by the oldest Infirmary Waitrat, Aesclepius, suddenly scurrying back at elderly rat pace and climbing up his leg into his jacket pocket, where he sits and trembles.

"Aesclepius?" Guppy peers to see what startled his tiny colleague, and thinks he sees something scuttling under a table... it looks kind of like a tarantula... he gets his stun gun out of his pocket, grabs a corner of the tablecloth, and lifts it up.

Nothing there.

Definitely looked like it had legs.
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Charles is yawning when he enters Milliways, today was a long day of tinkering and dealing with different temperaments.

As he considers what to order, he gets the note and feels Guppy's worry so walks over there, "Guppy, how can I help?"
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He leans down to help Guppy, "No, I didn't."
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"Then I must have just missed it. Come sit down and have some tea. I got your note."
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"That's not good. How did he enter?" Charles orders a cup of tea for Guppy.
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Charles frowns as that's bad and he's never heard of such a situation,

"How has he reacted to the changes?"
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"What has he said?"
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"Ah, yes, then I can do far more. Will he allow me in?"
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Charles nods and stands up, "I'll talk to him now, it sounds as if he doesn't need more excuses to think alone."
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"I hope you both feel better. I recommend tea and a book that you enjoy."
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Charles gives Guppy a hug before going to the infirmary.