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Haven's Finest First Entrance

[OOM: Time travel. Magic. End of the universe. Demon bunnies, and a squid. ]

"There's a bar at the end of time."

"And space."

"And space," Audrey added, corrected. Not looking toward her partner or drinking her coffee. Still stuck on looking around the room in front of them, again, with its many different people coming and going. "Huh."

"Yeah." Towards Nathan's own cup, one elbow leaning on the bar, one eye on the reflection of the room in the mirror above the liquor shelves.

Two for the price of one! Won't you come welcome Audrey Parker and Nathan Wournos, Milliways?

[Tiny Tag: Creepy Doll]
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Lanky shoulders lift in a shrug, and his eyes move down to that untouched cup of coffee, steaming gently.

He'll give it another few minutes.
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His mouth thins, but he thinks about it, takes a moment, eyes sliding to Parker's face and voice pitched low, conversational enough it shouldn't ping as anything else, to anyone listening in.

"This is nothing like any Trouble I've ever seen."

One finger taps gently on the bartop. "Not sure we can rule it out, though."

He looks back up at the mirror. "See anything familiar? If this is someone's Trouble, maybe we're not the only things from Haven that managed to slip in."
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He shrugs again. Worth a shot -- Parker's got a knack for noticing things that aren't where they're supposed to be.

"Same process if it's not a Trouble. Find out everything we can, make sure not to get stuck in it."

Or killed.

"Work with the evidence we've got. Ask around, when we go back. See if anyone's heard of anything like this before."

The Chief. The Teagues, maybe.
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He tips his head slightly to one side, admitting her point, but there's something about the motion that reads like a set-up. Could be the faint crinkle at the corners of his eyes, or the tiny shadow at the edge of his mouth that's not exactly a smile.

Dry as low tide. "I wouldn't lead with it."
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One hand reaches, wraps long fingers around his cup, brings it up to his lips, hiding whatever expression might be lurking there.


"Direct questioning been working out for you so far, since you joined up?"

He's amused, but it hasn't. Never does. Not in Haven. Direct questions are just easier to be deflected, or be given nothing but stony silence. "Something like this, people would be talking about it."

Just not out front.
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"We should try there, first."

Tacit agreement, and maybe a nudge in the direction of an apology for reminding her of something she's not likely to forget anytime soon. It's hard, being an outsider in Haven. Learning to speak the language. Needing to look like a local.

Which she doesn't. Still in slacks, neat button-down shirts. Still looks like a Fed, or a tourist who forgot to bring anything but business clothes.

Something to think about. "If Vince and Dave don't know anything, nobody does. 'Course, they probably won't say, if they do."
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He watches her over the lip of his own cup, tips it up for a sip after she has, puts it back down with the faint clatter of crockery on wood.

"The Chief might know. Better to check through old files first, though."

If the Teagues give them the runaround, they're still nothing compared to his father.
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There's something on his face that might be approval, as he glances down, mouth twisting, and nods once.

"So we check it out, first. And if it's not..."

He trails off into silence that balances uneasily. The Troubles are bad enough, but they can get through them. They always end. They can be figured out.

If this is something else, figuring it out is probably going to be only their first step.
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The doll has not been having a very good couple of days, not that it can really think or feel such thoughts. It is scare that one rat quite nicely but that was nothing really. Obviously it needs to explore more.
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The thin line of his mouth softens. "Yeah."

It's good to have a partner, he realizes. Someone to finish that sentence, refusing to make it bigger than that. Solve the case. Find the answer. One step at a time.

He lifts his cup again, allowing. "Least the coffee's good."
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The doll steps forward cautiously, it's legs finding a stiff boot. Three of the legs explored the boot to find purchase before it pulls itself up.
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Firmly on the boot now, the doll's front two legs reach up and seek purchase in the denim of the pant leg above.
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"Not sure we've got the budget for it, but maybe we can trim some corners."

The coffee is good. It doesn't have that faint burned aftertaste that the ancient machine in the breakroom always seems to impart. It smells good; rich and smooth. The cream tastes fresh. It tastes just like a cup of coffee should.

Which should set off warning bells, maybe, but Parker's got that little pressed smile and a glint in her eye that he's starting to learn means she's in a good mood, so he rolls along with the joke, paving a normal walkway for them to stand on, brick by brick.
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The denim makes for a good strong grip but the doll is a little heavy and not designed for climbing. Still it manages by pushing firmly with its back legs against the boot. Once anchored again, two more legs reach up to find places to hook.
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The doll pulls itself up this way until it reaches the knee. If it had thought it would be wondering why it has not attracted any attention yet. It would likely even be feeling frustration. Instead, it turns its legs to look towards the man's lap and then turns, its legs poking into both of the man's legs, to look to the woman's legs.

Which way to go.

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