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Autor is equal parts amused, irritated, and intrigued today.

Amused because he found an animate teddy bear in the hall. Irritated because it immediately bit him. And intrigued because the various parts--complete with red, plush organs--haven't stopped twitching yet after he dissected the nasty thing, and that was hours ago.

After pinning the pieces on a board like a rabble of fuzzy butterflies, the boy sets himself up in a corner of the bar to see if someone can prevent him from adding confused to his repertoire of 'things felt today'.

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[OOC: And Autor has out creeped the doll. Well done!]
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[OOC: Not for me. :)]

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Katya isn't used to keeping a low profile anymore, but she's doing her damnedest. Right now, she's trying to get close enough to that doll to deactivate it, but the human is in the way.

The things she does for a Watch she isn't part of anymore.

Katya tumbles into his lap with an inebriated laugh, a half-full bottle of vodka in one hand, the other free to tangle in his hair.
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That would be tragic!

Except for it's exactly what she's going for, so she plants a kiss on his cheek to distract him further while making a quick gesture towards the fuzzy bits pinned to the board.

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"Because you are so terribly sweet." She retorts cheerfully as the fuzzy organs revert to just being fuzzy. "Though if you ask nicely, I could bite."
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She taps his nose lightly (and with a fair bit more coordination expected for someone who is apparently that drunk) and beams at him.

"Bright as a winter apple."
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"So unkind. I will take my happiness somewhere else then." She sniffs, before tilting her head back to down another healthy portion of her bottle. "Or maybe, if you had some of this?"

Everyone should have some vodka, right? Besides, it's fun watching him squirm.
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With an exaggerated loose-limbed grace, she acquiesces, giving him a sloppy curtsy once she's found her feet again.

Actually, it took every scrap of her training not to react to anger at close range, and hold the facade. That smarts, Autor.

"Until next time, pretty boy." She grins, before sauntering off into the bar.
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"OOoo. Organs. Yours had plush organs inside if it? How interesting!"

It is Sarah that comes up to Autor's table to poke at the squirmy things. She is carrying the svärdstav she had on their previous meetings, but today she wears an animated hat that is unhappy with her. it looks like it's been soaked in water recently.

It groans at Autor and slaps at Sarah;s face with its floppy limbs. "Stop that or I will cut off your arms and legs and toss them in the fire!" she warns the hat.

The hat stops flailing.
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"That is unfortunate," she says, a bit disappointed. "Just like the were-sausages; no internal anatomy that makes sense." Oh yes, she dissected them. Nothing but ground up meat (that should have not been able to move in any concerted way, wtf?) and bone shards that the little blighters used to bite people. "Whatever child receives such a toy must be fortunate, though," she says, pointing at the bear and its organs.

"I can't tell you much except what you probably have already figured out. At least no one is turning into a zombie or were-creature because of them."

It's not like she is going to admit a cat puppet sent her into a screaming fit earlier. Maybe he didn't notice.
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"I shall be glad to kill you, should that happen," she says, cheerily. Yes, permission! "Undeath and immortality are truely the most horrible of fates. I wouldn't curse anyone to such a terrible future." Anymore, anyway. Seriously. You have to be extra special annoying to get her that mad at you.

"The worst" of the wurst "part was how delicious they smelled. But, people who ate them changed into were-creatures too." It was a sad day for this carnivore.

She had to gobble up the sausages in secret, so not to clue in the other patrons that the sausages didn't affect her.
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She swells up with pride. "I was part of the solution. Well, along with Apollo and Enzo. Haha, we must have looked odd. Apollo is an actual god," she shakes her head incredulously, "and Enzo is a green... he said he was a sprite but now that I think of it he looks a lot like some of these toys. I wonder if he has anything to do with this." At that she pauses a bit.

But she is quick to continue, "Anyhow, there was an alpha wurst that had dug itself into a cave in the forest out back. We had to fight our way through infected patrons and demon rabbits to get to it and kill it. But we had to use silver skewers to kill it. I didn't believe Apollo when he said we would have to, but I tried other weapons, even silvered ones, and the silvered ones only scratched it."

Magical creatures can be so odd and picky about the way they die sometimes.
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Oh, yes, gods like pretending that they are omniscient.

When they aren't pretending to be mortals, anyway.

"He uhhh... found a telephone number..." she sounds unsure about the terminology, "on the back of a package some the were-sausages came from and... called. The person he talked to said that silver skewers would kill it and that everyone would be disenchanted or disinfected when the alpha wurst died."
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She thinks... "You would need to get the telephone number from Apollo to get your answers, I am guessing."

"It wasn't so easy to kill; it had protection, plus it was huge. Apollo, Enzo and some of the other uninfected patrons insisted that we not harm the infected ones. Luckily, the infected patrons were too busy trying to infect the uninfected in the bar to bother us outside. No one was opposed to harming the rabbits."
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"No," she says as if she had nothing to hide.


She's well practiced at lying.

"I was really tempted at least taste the sausages though, especially the alpha. Apollo and Enzo couldn't stand the smell though; luckily for them I carry nosepegs around by habit."

"The alpha turned into ketchup..." she says, sounding disappointed.

That's Sarah for you, always fun!
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"That actually has a fairly mundane explanation. My shop is adjacent to a dye maker's shop and sometimes she uses very odorous chemicals. Plus it is helpful to carry around samples of your merchandise sometimes," she explains.

"Armor, though... I find armor restrictive in most cases. A superior offense is the best armor. As for my position on the team... well, I would like to say fire power, but we had Apollo. But then, he was firing arrows at the demon rabbits and using his bow to fire the skewers at the alpha." She thinks. "It would be rational to say that maybe I was bait, or maybe a distraction, but then again Apollo didn't look any more unappetizing than I," no double entendre intended. Maybe a little. Things are complicated. "He wasn't wearing armor either, and he looks like a normal human." A beautiful human, radiant as the s... eww, no. Her father is a sun god. What the hell, stop that. "Only Enzo looked unappetizing."

"We didn't really have a plan, besides killing the thing with silver skewers."

She'd like to claim responsibility for their recklessness but... Oh, hell, she'll claim it, just not out loud.
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"I do," and out of some pocket in her dress she produces nose plugs, round gray stones with a variety of symbols stamped onto them and a box containing some particularly nasty looking arrow heads.

"I don't know if she does; I've never asked her. She sell liquid dyes, so there is a danger of spilling them, but then again she puts her dyes in these nice squeezable bottles that don't shatter." She pauses to think. "I wonder if she invented plastic. Well, invented on my world. There's tons of it here but not on my world."
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"The stones store fixed quantities of the basic forms of magical energies used most commonly on my world. It how we humans use magic. almost none of us are born inheren--- CAT!"

She leaps up on a chair just as a mechanical cat on wheels comes zipping by and the svärdstav falls to the ground with a great clatter in the confusion. She lets out a frightened groan before she decides to make a grab at the stones.

Oddly, all the stones remain on the table, undisturbed. More oddly, there are stones in Sarah's hand which she seems to be counting. But before she's done, the cat-on-wheels zooms by again. "EEEE... kill it kill it kill it!" she squeals.
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She is very unhappy that he got to see that. But her heart is still racing.

"Filthy beasts." That is all that she's going to say for now, as she comes back down from the ground and tries to hide her embarrassment.
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She can see his amusement and it only makes it worse.

The wampa hat, having observed the chaos and feeling the additional heat her blushing is producing is barely stifling a laugh, but a quick water spell from Sarah puts an end to its amusement. Plus it cools her off!

"Burn it; it probably ruined your jacket anyway with its dirty claws."

Okay, maybe it didn't cool her off that much.
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Unfortunately, she's going to insist.

"Look," she open up her hand, whch still has a collection of the stones. "I have enough runestones here for a nice fire spell," she says as she picks off the excess. "Just hold you jacket over my hand and you will get to see the runestones in action."

She holds her palms facing upward expectantly.

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She growls (it is a very feline growl, too... funny, that) and she drops the stones in her hand back onto the table before shoving him away, along with the cat-in-an-improvised-bag. "Smash it with a hammer, dissect it, do whatever you want with it; just keep it away from me." She promptly gathers her things and quickly makes her way to the upstairs staircase, only stopping to toss the wampa hat in the fireplace.

Something has to burn.