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Hank McCoy

 Hank is confused. He is sitting at a table holding a doll which is trying its best to escape his grasp as Hank turns it this way and that.

"How are you even moving?" He says exasperated. Obviously scientific curiosity trumps fear in this case.

[tiny Tag: creepy doll.]
[[OOC: Likely to be slow but Hank insisted.]]
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"What is that?" Here, hank.

Have a very shocked looked mild mannered school teacher, too.
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"No," she agreed. "That doesn't look at all like what any of the girls at my school would play with." Beat. "But how is it moving like that?"
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There is a newcomer to this place behind the bar this evening, finishing up his shift by lovingly polishing the bar top with a soft cloth.

"Oh, another one," he says. "I just helped a Miss Wells destroy a giant plush syphilis microbe that was after her."
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"A stuffed animal made of plush," the bartender says. "And I believe it must be magic, of sorts."