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Anton Gorodetsky - Main Bar

Anton has been busy the last day or so, leaving a trail of disenchanted toys in his wake. Yet they still keep coming. Every time he has tried to catch the source toy, doll zero—he has determined the item he is seeking is a doll via the lines of probability at least—continues to elude him. Finally he thought of a trick that has worked and now he holds a probability thread wrapped around his left arm as he hunts. The thread is gossamer and ephemeral and he has only been able to keep it "alive" by feeding it his fears from time to time. The thread is also very long and so he still hunts.

He wonders where Tiger Cub has gone to as he walks the bounds of the Bar, winding the thread as he walks and searching for the doll. This likely looks strange since the thread only exists within the Twilight.

[OOC: Plot locked for Tiger Cub.]
[[Tiny Tag: Creepy doll.]]

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Someone pings a button at him.

The same someone who has just about had it with possessed dolls.

She may ping more buttons at him - the one she's disassembling now has button eyes, a button nose, and buttons down his front. So much ammunition.
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"A leash is good. A muzzle is better. Your tiny friend has been busy." Katya grumbles. "Do you need assistance, hunting?"