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Dinah is standing at the lake door, staring at her garden.

Or what is left of it.



"Oh, for crying out loud."

She turns, goes to the bar, picks up a bucket full of gloves, trowels and assorted tools, and heads right back outside.

She's got a mess to clear up.
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"Would that I could make you cry aloud," says a voice from a few paces off. Do not deny it, Dinah. You have missed this leer. "For I am sure it is a most mellifluous sound."
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He rises promptly, bowing whether she is turned to see it or not.

"Time is wasted on regret," he sighs. "I would rather your laughter on the dance floor, or your company for a meal."
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"Is my company so ignominious that it does not even bear mentioning?" he pouts.

The food is justly secondary to the company!

... Is it not?
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He sniffs. "It is well. Madam cooks a lamb that is hard to compete with. However, I intend to sway you to my side before the meal is over."

Porthos might have eaten his body weight in lamb before. He waggles his eyebrows now, and gestures toward the tables. "Ladies first, mademoiselle."
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He chuffs. Oh, but she is cute.

"Life in Paris is an adventure, Dinah," he says. "The sights, the sounds, the food and drink, even the smallest endeavor is entertaining. There is ne'er a shortage in ... entanglements. Pleasurable or otherwise."
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Oh-ho-ho! He does love her spirit.

"Full of vim, I see," says he, sitting beside her. "There is trouble on the horizon for the Musketeers, I fear. Do not concern yourself; we have the king's favor, and all should be well. We merely wait like caged dogs, taking what solace we might in drink and duel."

His lip curls. Cardinal Richelieu could spoil even his healthy appetite. "Would you do me the same honor? I don't recall knowing of your home."
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"C'est le pied! You only have one boy-friend? That is good, less competition for me," he grins.

What? Obviously she meant a friend who is a boy, no?
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He pouts, and brightens within the same breath. "Excellent! Then we shall fight to the death!"

He's probably not speaking only in jest, though it takes less provocation to entice him to duel. Besides, only a man willing to fight for her love is worthy of her. A very small part of him approves.

Very small. Teeny.

"He is the reason for your move?" he asks.
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He turns red.

"Madam, I am wounded." And incredibly indignant. "You side with your lover, it is understandable. However, I would fight for your honor, and I would win."

He's never suffered a want of confidence. "I would not deny you company in a new land, on the other hand. Unless you should care to see France?" :D?
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He is inexhaustible! Take that as you will.

"I beg your pardon? That does not sound agreeable," says he, eyebrow arched. "I would rather you in one piece." Beat. "Although, more than one of you would be good, too."

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She is rather lovely when she is alarmed.

"Hmm? No, madam. Well, perhaps a little evil," he grins, waggling his eyebrows. "I am fond of you as you are, and would not like to fight you."

For he would win, if you are sensing the theme.
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His eyebrows go up. He's very clearly imagining what the outcome would be, and as he cycles through the options it is clear his mind is going in a far different direction than Dinah may have intended.

"Perhaps one day I shall be unlucky enough to find out," he says. "But, come! Let us toast to your home and your - " mutter mutter " - boy-friend, who is agreeable enough to let you have an open social calendar."
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"À la santé!" he supposes. He polishes off the entire goblet. It's for luck, you see. "And now you must tell me why I was not invited to the celebration."

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