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The woman walking into the bar today still has the remains of eyeliner and glitter around her eyes, but the clothes themselves are a perfectly ordinary set of shorts and fitted t-shirt.

If anyone asks, Nadine was at a party last night. And, because she can, Natasha is going to make sure that party was way, way more fun than 'Tanya's' waitressing shift.

Mostly, though, she's going to claim a couch, slip off her tennis shoes, and curl her feet up, just because she can.
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Clint catches his bounce-y ball for a moment when walking into the room, then starts it up again as he walks.

He's wearing a pair of worn-out jeans, a Henley, and plain socks with no shoes. His hearing aids are those he wears at home -- 20 hour plane rides suck, so getting comfortable afterward is his basic mission in life.

There's already someone on the sofa.

"... Hey," he says, and smiles.
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Clint doesn't say 'of course,' he just smiles and takes a seat next to her, pressing a kiss to her cheekbone.

Then drawing back, bemused. "You're glittery."
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"And here I thought I was the glamorous one." Clint tilts a grin at her, taking a drink of his coffee.

After a moment, he puts his free arm around her. Lightly, so she can shake him off if she wants. "You want anything?"
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"Yeah," he says. "You could say that."

His expression says: if you wanted to be wrong.

"Just got home from San Diego International... 45 minutes ago?"

Clint makes eye contact with a waitrat, and jerk his head towards Nat slightly. It seems to get the gist.
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"Well," Clint says, slow and thoughtful-amused. "I hear they have rooms here. We could grab some sleep, spend tomorrow relaxing, then catch up with home. At a more convenient time."