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The door bangs open with the force of someone slamming his entire body weight against it, and in stumbles a man, out of breath, disorientated, and spattered with blood head to toe.

Don't worry; none of it's his.

From the other side, the door led to a small bookshop shop with large windows. On the inside, it's a large bar, full of people. So sudden is the change of scenery that Shaun can't help but give pause as he stumbles gracelessly back to his feet.

"What?" he asks, all squeaky and out of breath.

And then there's the groaning behind him. Shaun spins round, realising that he'd left the door open. And now it's far too late to close it. They followed him in, and there's nothing left for it now but to leg it.

"Oh, SHIT," he hisses as he runs through the bar, knocking over chairs and leaping over tables as he goes, making a line straight for the back door. Meanwhile, through the front door comes the shambling horde of the mobile dead. You might want to pick up a blunt object right about now. Or a gun. Someone might want to get that door shut as well.

[ooc: Zombies! mini-plot begins now. Short explanation: Treat it as a party post and kill some NPC zombies! Long explanation: See this post. Happy Halloween!

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Sameth had come downstairs thinking of Gaeta's leg when he felt all the Death and cursed as he readied a number of spells.

As he ran down the stairs, he drew his sword and threw two Charter Marks that hit two of the Dead and exploded them, "Where's the necromancer!"
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"I am not certain that I feel a controller." A tall man in mismatched clothes who is wielding a glowing sword says as he takes the heads of two zombies. He still hasn't felt any hint of the Dark Side and so to him, this is true.
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"But there must be,"

He nods at the other swordsman before sending two Charter Marks into one of the Dead as his forehead glows.
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Korvas' eyes widen at this but he is deep enough in the battle that he doesn't lose his concentration. He felt nothing in the Force when the man created those, whatever they were, so obviously there is more going on here.

"Perhaps I have spoken to quickly," he admits as he severs the limbs of a reaching zombie before pivoting and removing the head. "There is no sentience in these yes?"
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"No, none at all, they're Dead," Sam can feel that, its rare for him to feel it so simply here.
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"That is a relief," he replies, kicking another undead off balance. "How may we find the one who is controlling them? I sense nothing but the corruption within each body."
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"I'm trying to sense them but I can't," There should be a necromancer here somewhere.