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Javert has spent the last three days in a state of numb disbelief. He has left his room only to work at the forge - which he does in complete silence - pray in the room being used as a chapel, and procure some basic food. He only comes downstairs tonight because he can no longer stand the silence; if the numbness wears off when he is alone, he is afraid of what he might think of.

He sits right in front of the Observation Window. This might not be immediately recognisable as odd to anyone who was not here when he arrived, but there it is. He is also dressed...well. Even when returning to the bar from working, be it in the forge or on the church, Javert is always neat. His clothes may be scuffed and dirty, but they are tucked in, his cravat is placed just so, his waistcoat buttoned. Tonight...his cravat is off-centre, and the knot is loose. The lower button of his waistcoat is unfastened, and his belt buckle sits to the side. Small things perhaps, to anyone who is not Javert.

There is also a bottle of wine on the table. It is open, and the glass is in his hand. There are no qualms about drinking tonight, it seems.

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The last time Gaeta spoke to Javert was six months ago. I hope things get better for you, he said as they parted.

Evidently, they haven't.

Gaeta pauses, coffee in hand, en route to another table. Unlike Javert, the last six months seem to have done him good: he's only using one crutch to support himself, and his missing leg has been replaced with a silver prosthesis that fits seamlessly against his stump.

Gogo's with him tonight as well. The dodo glances up at his nestmate, follows his gaze, That other giant hairless dodo looks a lot like Nestmate on a bad day. Don't worry! He can help!

Before Gaeta can restrain Gogo, he's off at a brisk waddle toward Javert, plocking to himself.
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Gogo tilts his head like a curious puppy. "Plock?" he asks.

"Oh, godsdammit, Gogo -- "

A quick, sharp whistle catches the bird's attention -- but, after swiveling his head toward Gaeta, Gogo turns to Javert, waddles the rest of the way toward him, and plops down at his feet. This is urgent, Nestmate. Whatever you want will just have to wait.

Gaeta swears again, a bit louder this time, and follows close behind.
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"Yeah," he says, resigned. "He's mine. Gogo."

The dodo looks up.

"Get back here, or no marshmallows."

Gogo, not parsing that Gaeta's talking about a lack of marshmallows rather than a large quantity stuffed in his pockets, immediately perks up. Wings pinwheeling, he hops to his feet and scurries to Gaeta's side.

To Javert, over Gogo's excited plocks: "Sorry about that, sir."
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Gaeta's eyebrows rise, but he makes no comment about Javert's request.

Instead, he says, "He's a dodo. They went extinct on most Earths in the late 1600s."

Gogo nudges Gaeta's side. Hey. Hey. You said marshmallows. Where are the marshmallows?
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"Right now," says Gaeta -- despite himself, it's not without fondness -- "he's being a little shit who's convinced it's about to rain marshmallows. Aren't you, buddy."

(OMG HE SAID THE WORD AGAIN. Gogo starts hopping back and forth from one foot to the other.)

"Before that he was probably trying to, ah...see if you were okay."
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"He exists." Mildly. "Maybe just not in your time."

Giving in to Gogo's demands (sort of), he sets down his coffee on the nearest table and rubs the bird's head.

"But yeah, he...tends to know when someone's not doing well. He's done it to me a lot."
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Gaeta's hand stills atop Gogo's head.

"That's not within his capabilities, no." Quiet. "Not in the way I think you mean."
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The pause stretches a fraction longer than strictly necessary. At last, Gaeta says, with the evenness of great self-control, "No, thank you. I'm fine with my coffee."

As if emphasizing the point, he retrieves his mug from the table.

And, after hesitating another beat, Gaeta moves closer to Javert's own table, sparing the briefest glances toward the observation window.
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How generous of you, says the look Gaeta slants his way.

"I try not to," he says aloud. A little drier, "I'm surprised you do."

He certainly never struck Gaeta as the type who'd make a go at polishing off a full wine bottle.
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Gaeta looses a small sigh. "Not usually," he says, a touch quieter. "Not in moderation."

Which was Gaeta's problem for all those months after his death. (Still is his problem, in some ways.)

He's within a couple feet of Javert's table by now. Indicating the chair across from him, he asks, "May I sit?"
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"Thank you," he murmurs, and eases himself down to the chair. Gaeta shucks off his crutch to lean against the table; Gogo takes up a spot on the floor between the two men, most of his attention returning to Javert as he settles into place.

For a little longer, more silence stretches as he sips his coffee.

"The thing that's nice about having Gogo around," he says at last, "is he doesn't judge anybody. He's just a bird. He doesn't give a frak what I've done; all he wants to do is make sure I'm okay."
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"Not really," he says, the dryness returning. "Just elaborating on how he doesn't absolve sin the way I expect you mean. But he's got his own way of doing it."
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Deadpan: "Yeah, he's a great listener."

Gaeta's attention flicks to Javert's wineglass before he takes another, longer sip of coffee.

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