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A scientific experiment of the highest order is in progress. One which includes raspberry fudge, brie and crackers, and several different wines. Autor plans to get tipsy today, and he'll do it in style.

He'll also do it with help. Autor endures light ribbing by Sunshine, who has promised to stay with him and make sure he doesn't do anything foolish while even slightly inebriated--a serious concern of his, especially with a sprained ankle. She's keeping to tea today, just in case.

Autor raises a glass, his cheeks already tingling. He swirls the wine, as he has seen done before. Then he holds it up to his nose and takes a deep breath. "Ah, yes. This clean, buttery wine has a heady bouquet with oak notes, and a spicy aroma of vanilla and currant," he says, and takes a sip. "Sadly, it is broad--it has a full body aroma, but lacks any finesse to its taste."

Rae grins, sipping her tea. "Try harder not to sound like you memorized the book, Autor."

[OOC: Two pups, two muns! All threads will come after Rae and Autor's, when the boy is already tipsy.]
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Hannibal Lecter reaches out to pat Autor on the cheek.

"Yes, that's probably better," he says.

A rat arrives with a large glass of water, which he hands on, smoothly, to Autor.

"Do drink your water, Autor. I'm looking forward to playing chess with you as well. It will be a very interesting experience. Sleep well! And thank you for looking after him, Rae."

He finishes his wine, lifts his chin and smiles at them both sideways, and walks away.
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Rae holds Autor steady, not looking at Dr. Lecter, though she is unable to hide her grimace of distaste as the man pats Autor's cheek. She is almost shaking.

"Yes, let's go," she mutters, leading the boy towards the stairs.