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oom: Link contains mention of torture.

Sonya quickly slammed the door shut, her back and head screaming in pain as she'd used her full weight to shut it.

The sounds of horses and smell of hay is all around her and for a moment she can't believe she's here once more.. They've done things to her mind before, made her think she was freed, back home, then the illusion would break.

It may've been a few days in milliways time, but Sonya was hardly the same woman she'd been since that time: haggard, warn, thin, her BDUs filthy, torn and hanging off of her. Her posture tensed and her eyes kept looking around, waiting for a trick to be pulled or the illusion to break. This had to be a trick..Milliways wouldn't just appear in Outworld now?

She felt dizzy, tired, her body aching all over. Her wrists are chained together, chafed and bleeding skin evidence that she's been cuffed for a long while. The place is so warm and familiar that part of her would love to just sleep right with the horses, but she's been tricked before and she wouldn't let her guard down now.

Slowly, Sonya straightened herself up, her body braced for an attack she's almost sure is coming.

ooc: Thread will contain mentions of torture and violence. plot locked for Javert, and eventually Guppy, but feel free to have your pup notice Javert taking Sonya to the clinic.

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Javert has spent the full morning the the stables, seeing to the young horse of Teja's people. It has been a while since he spent any meaningful time with him.

He is just closing up the stall, and tidying the tack box when he hears the door and...chains? It is not normal, so he comes out to investigate.


He puts his brushes down, eyes travelling over the state of her, her torn clothes, the blood, the chained wrists. When he walks over it is slowly so as not to alarm her unduly, because he is not sure she knows where she is.

'Mademoiselle Blade, who has done this?'
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He is rather taken aback by this. But given the condition of her, it can be excused.

'Bar has lent me many things,' he says, stopping about three feet away.

'If you are talking of the toaster, that was given to me by Ganymede.'

Just so that things are correct.
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...he is even more taken aback by this. Javert has never been hugged in his life. His eyes go wide, and he finds he has no idea how to respond. He cannot possibly hug her back; to start with, he does not know how and to end with, it is most improper.

He clears his throat carefully, hands at his sides. The only reason he does not pull back is because he fears she may fall if he does, and that would not be polite of him. The smell does not bother him in the least.

'Mademoiselle, who did this?'

If it is someone in the bar, Security must be informed at once.
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These do not sound like Milliways people. It would be known around the place if there were shadowy priests locking people up and making them look like this.

He does not take her hands from his shirt, but does touch the chains locking them together, looking to see if there is any hope of loosening them. But then he glances at her face, and decides it might have to wait.

'I can saw these off possibly, or pick them open. But mademoiselle, I think you should go to the infirmary first. You look dreadful, and are obviously injured. I will take you. Can you walk?'
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'Yes,' he says, patiently.

'But can you walk? If you need assistance, say so.'

He has metal in his pocket from the forge in Paris, but she needs to see a doctor. If her mind is addled from whatever has happened, he will take matters into his own hands; until it is clear, he will give her a choice.
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He looks at her doubtfully, but he can hardly insist she is not all right at all.

'Very well.'

The doubt will probably be obvious in his tone.

'Walk next to me then, in case you fall.'
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He is silent as they move, but is fully aware of her at all times. He may be obtuse and lacking in empathy but he has always lent aid to those who deserve it, and Sonya is a good person. He makes sure there is no one in her path as they walk.

'Here. Sit,' he says, as they reach the infirmary. When she is seated, he pulls a sliver of metal from his pocket that has been there from the forge in Paris, and starts picking the locks of the chains. It does not take long, despite being a skill he has not utilised in many, many years.

And when they are gone, he goes in search of a doctor. He does hope it will not be Sandhu, but such things are not to be.

'Monsieur l'docteur?' he says, rather stiffly.

They are not the best of friends, after all.

'Mademoiselle Blade is in need of attention.'

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Guppy, who is in the office, gets up and nods.

"What happened?" he asks. Not stiffly, because someone has to be professional around here and the easiest way to avoid Javert's moods appears to be pretending he isn't doing it.
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'I have no idea.'

He sounds rather surprised anyone would ask him that question. Surely the patient should answer it?

'She arrived in the stables in chains, talking of shadow priests and looking suspiciously at me. She has clearly been held prisoner for some time, though I do not know why.'
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"Thanks Javert."

Guppy comes through and leans on the edge of the bed next to Sonya.

"Hey Sonya, how are you doing? Where are you hurt?"
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Javert hovers near the office door, glancing towards the exit. He feels he should probably leave at this point - there is bound to be some kind of examination, and he certainly does not want to be here for it. But it also seems a little rude to simply leave, so he waits a little longer.

And at this point, adds, 'she was not sure where she was. Her mind was addled.'

Because this is possibly relevant to medical treatment.
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Guppy nods to Javert, then looks back at Sonya.

"I'm going to help you get cleaned up, okay? And then we'll get you some fluids going, and something to eat gentle on your stomach. Perhaps Monsieur Javert could get you some nightclothes or something from the bar?"
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Nightclothes? Women's nightclothes? His face contorts in horror, but then reason kicks in; she clearly cannot go herself, and the doctor is occupied.

So he says 'indeed,' and walks out to the bar to face this horror head on.

In the end, it is not so bad. He just mutters the words quietly, and Bar provides a bag which contains, he presumes, whatever she might need. He is certainly not going to look inside and check.

In the infirmary, he puts it quietly by her bed and clears his throat.

'If that will be all, I will leave you to recover.'
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Guppy gets things to help her get cleaned up, making sure she's comfortable with him doing so before he approaches any part of her body that's injured. Then he gets the IV set up.

It would normally be entertaining to see Javert's face, but in this case it was a tactful way to avoid him just having to stand there and stare.

"Thanks Javert."

Turning back to Sonya. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asks gently. "Can I get you a cup of tea?"
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"Okay. The offer stands later, if you need it." Guppy says gently.

"The waitrats can bring you any food or drink that you need after this." he adds, bringing her the tea.