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[OOM: Between The Spinners, Part 1 and The Spinners, Part 2, both previously posted:

Once upon a time there was a king with twelve beautiful daughters. Every night the king locked his daughters up in one small room with one small door. But every morning the princesses' shoes were worn through, as if the princesses had danced in them all night. The king wondered where his daughters went in the night. He commanded that any man who could find their dancing-hall within three days and three nights would marry a princess and become the new king. Any man who failed in that time would be put to death.

I wonder, if he finds the dancing-hall in time, what else will the man find?

Fakir stumbles through the front door, too drained to care that he's at Milliways rather than his home at the Goldkrone smithy. Three minutes later, he's sound asleep on a couch by the fireplace. Nothing short of another allpocalypse will disturb him now.


After eight dreamless hours, Fakir's hunger wakes him. He pushes his tangled hair out of his eyes and straightens his wrinkled shirt. I need a bath. But after three days fasting, food takes priority.


[Hello, Milliways! It's been too long. Catch me at aim: manuscriptgeek.]
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A pause.

"I kind of get the feeling you're talking about something bigger than just putting words on paper."
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"... Sure," he says, gamely.

It's cold out here anyway.
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He looks down at the book, reaching out to touch the embossed cover and pausing at the last moment, fingers curling back.

No louder: "Came true after it was written?"
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Andrew looks up at him, slowly.

"That's pretty heavy."
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"Is it ..." He hesitates, and goes on carefully. "Are we talking about rewriting the ending of your own story, or somebody else's?"
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And boy, doesn't that hit close to the long-abandoned crater that used to be home.

(It's strange: Fakir looks older than he did last time they met, but this is the first Andrew can remember looking at him and thinking how young he is.)

Quietly: "What are you gonna do?"
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Two authors wrestling for control of the storyline? That could get messy.

"I don't know, can ... could whatever you write affect him?"
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He grimaces a little. "Cause if neither of you can affect each other directly, that's one thing, but if he can write stuff happening to you but you can't write stuff happening to him ... I dunno, you're gonna need something to balance that out."
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"Hey," and that's slightly alarmed, at the bleak look on Fakir's face. "That doesn't mean it's impossible."
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Andrew's face goes white.

It's a moment before he can get his voice under control enough to ask, very quietly: "Who?"
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It hits him low in the gut: I thought I was a hero.

"And all this time," barely whispered, "you thought it was you?"
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He swallows.

"I'm sorry, man. I'm so sorry."

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