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[Two Days Ago.]

The Clint Barton who opens the door looks tired -- he's come in from what appears to be an underground base, with small lights and noise in the background.

He blinks, his unnaturally brilliant blue eyes adjusting to the change in light, and checks the door behind him. When it doesn't open, he grimaces, and immediately gets something to eat from the Bar.

He settles in a corner table, with a bowl of oatmeal, plate of eggs, and a pitcher of water.

Presumably if he's here long enough, he'll sleep, but despite being tired he knows that the thrum of energy that means his time is better spent working on other things.

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Also, your choice on if you want thread to take place after X's -- if so, he'll be wearing sunglasses inside Warning for PG violence between friends in Oswin thread]
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"That is boring, that is sad, you know what you need, you need waffles." Oswin announces as she helps herself to a chair. "I could make waffles. I'm pretty sure I could make waffles."
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"Can't complain, really, well, I mean, I can, everyone sort of forgot who they were last week, it was highly bizarre, but on the whole no major drama." Oswin reports with a grin. "Is that a no on the waffles? Are you ill?"
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"For example, there's a bunch of people who come in here from some sort of manly man situation - lots of leather and beards for days and swords and axes and not so much deodorant. Last week they all decided they were a biker club. Which, I can't fault them on the choice of transportation, but I gather the bikes and the weapons are kinda from two different eras altogether. Tragically, they didn't seem to learn much about deodorant." Oswin explains helpfully. "You know, you should probably crash, you sound pretty run down."

She's a fine one to talk about that. Hush.
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"Whoa. What happened to your eyes? Forget finding you a bed, as much as I hate to say it, and I do, you need a doctor." Oswin stares - she's pretty sure that color blue is not found in nature. That can't be healthy.
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"A thing where they turned your eyes electrical blue." Oswin replies, crossing her arms over her chest. "Look, I'm the reigning queen of bad life choices, you know it, and I know it, and I know a bad life choice when I see one. That, Clint, is a bad life choice, if anything because stylistically it's horrible."
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"Uh huh." Oswin does not look convinced. At all. Look, his eyes look like an android's, it's disturbing, it's just plain disturbing, and she's not good at ignoring disturbing things unless she's ignoring the WHOLE DAMN THING.

"So you know how much I'd trust the doctor that turned my eyes 'holy crap that's a lot of electricity' blue?"
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She gives him a scowl - that is entirely besides the point, and his case only proves her distrust is valid.

"You'd better believe it, buster."
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Oswin watches him go. For approximately five seconds.

"Yeah, you're in bad life choices mode, most likely you'll end up in the gym or something like that. Your wife would kill me. We're getting you a room, and you get the options of sleeping in the bed or being tied to it."

She considers that for a second.

"Though, if I'm tying you to the bed, we should invite your wife."
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"I'm pretty sure she'd mind. Or at least want pictures." Oswin assures him. "Do you have a room already or do we need to rent one? Or you could stay at my place, but again, wife."
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It really is, it really really is, but she's putting it down to being tired and whatever it was that made him all blue-eyed.


She's not wrong, per say.

"No, not lately, of course I've only met her the once and I assume she's been here more than that. Come on, room, chop chop."
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"Geeze, I swear, it's like herding cats, and I've done that. Head 'em up, move 'em out." Oswin prods, "What was in those eggs, sleeping pills?" When the figurative prodding doesn't produce immediate results, literal prodding commences.
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The pain earns a sharp cry - in all the time she's known him, even when she's danced a little too far into the realm of 'none of her business', he's never hurt her.

"The hell Clint Barton." Oswin retorts, pissed off and cradling her sore wrist. "I think whatever it is you took did more than change your eye color. You really need to see a doctor, and this is coming from me."
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For a moment, she stands stock-still, watching him go.

But only for a moment.

She's furious at him, and hurting, and there's a part of that hurt she's just not thinking about right now, but he's not okay and...


She's pretty sure he's a friend. She's his, even if he's gone and revoked his half. She is going to make sure he gets to that room.

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