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The Questing Bit

[OOM: Prologue: Once upon a time in ENCOM...]

The new trees covering the mountains are one of the best random changes Enzo has seen in Milliways. He runs home briefly for a camera app before heading out that way to see them up close, Minus in tow.

He is strolling through the foothills, snapping the occasional screenshot, when something much less organic-looking than the sakura darts into view. It's a bit hard to see clearly among the blossoms, especially the way it's moving, but it appears to be a small, shining polyhedron.


The shape, which can't seem to decide whether it wants to be an icosahedron or a dodecahedron, pulses briefly into a yellow octahedron and makes a sound (a word?), but Enzo can't make it out from this distance.

Even so, it's distinctly familiar. Intrigued, Enzo approaches cautiously and raises his camera.

The shape turns abruptly into a bright red stellation and protests a tinny "No!" Then it darts off.

"Sorry!" calls Enzo, and then, "Minus, no! Get back here!" as the little chat client, ever eager to play, decides to give chase. Sprite after chatilus after bit, they run and fly through the foothills.

The pursuit turns uphill, and Enzo risks a brief pause to deploy his surfbaud, divorcing the procession from the ground entirely. Once airborne, he's able to catch up easily and is making to grab Minus when he notices that the bit (and it is a bit, isn't it, he's seen them depicted often enough) is octahedral and declaiming "Yes yes yes yes yes yes." Apparently it's enjoying the game as well?

Well, far be it from Enzo to spoil their fun, but he isn't going to let Minus get lost, either. Nor is he going to lose sight of legacy code like this!

The bit swerves into a cave. Enzo is wary, but figures confined space might at least end the chase... until the cave proves to be a tunnel. Enzo flicks on his gauntlet's flashlight, although the bit itself is slightly luminous.

"Come on, you two, really?" Enzo begs, but neither of the small creatures stops, and the tunnel continues, and turns back downhill, and its walls start looking less like stone and more like blank wireframes...