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Out in the garden, Guppy has three of his small people with him*, and is gravely reiterating the dangers of going off into the forest on their own. Of the three, only Fry appears to be listening; three-year-old Brooke is throwing bits of pink tree, and 20-month-old Gil is playing in the bits of pink tree.

"You have to be careful around here." Guppy says seriously to the children. "You can't just see a shiny thing and wander off..."

He goes to retrieve Brooke, who has wandered into the trees to look at a shiny red and white ball.

"Brooke! What did I just say? Don't wander into the forest and touch random objects.

He reaches down to pick up the ball. There is a poof of smoke, and a squeal, and he disappears inside the ball.

Brooke grins, picks up the ball, and runs back to her siblings.

"Daddy's in the ball!" she says, throwing it wildly up in the air.

"Don't do that, he gets car sick." Fry says, catching the poké ball and inspecting it. "How are we going to get him out again?"

It occurs to him, suddenly, that he is in charge of his little brother and sister, which is why the first thing he does is clip them together by their dungarees, much to the objection of both.

[*Coral being Earthed for going off into the forest on her own]