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A Very Merry Christmas

So, there is some new Xmas Decorative Set against a wall; lounging upon the divan, there is a Devil, dressed in a very elegant Mrs. Claus costume, sipping hot chocolate very daintly.

Oh, come on, you know you want to ask...

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[personal profile] vyvyan 2016-12-26 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Vyvyan looks at the picture with a little grin, before tucking it in his inside pocket.

"Cheers. I can imagine. I don't have any pictures of me as a kid."
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"Yeah, I think the middle might still be frozen."
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[personal profile] vyvyan 2016-12-28 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
"Never had you down as domestically minded." Vyvyan says, though with appreciation.
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"That sounds good." Vyvyan says. "Been a while since we had a good meal."
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"Lucky you, don't have to eat Neil's cooking."
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"He won't get a job because he leads an 'alternative lifestyle'." Vyvyan says. "Lazy bastard."
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"Yeah, he'll have to go home to his parents."