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 T'was the night before Christmas, and down in the bar...

...Jim was too busy sorting out his own festivities to do more than spend five minutes showing appreciation for his nearest and dearest. Still, presents will appear for a favoured few, whenever they get around to picking them up.

Tess - will find a bottle of bourbon. Also a laptop, wrapped in red ribbon and topped with a big red bow. There's only one program on it, giving her the design for the base she commissioned. Design, specs, very detailed, very precise instructions. They go on for a long, long, long time. A note reads, for you, the moon on a platter. xxx (He trusts her to get the tone he intends that in.)

William Douglas - gets a pink dildo, also with a big red bow attached. The note reads enjoy, darling. xxx

Eric Northman - gets a pint of fresh blood, which bar promises will be delivered at body temperature. It's also full of liquid silver, which must surely have been a slip of the hand during preparation. 

Hannibal - gets a dinner of Bird's Nest soup, Kobe beef and Densuke watermelon, on him. 

X - gets a sex swing. Possibly because he's looking forward to seeing if she can carve it into art.


YT - gets a clock, locked into countdown towards some unspecified number. There is no note.

The only person he's stumped on is Yrael, but oh well. He'll ask him what he wants next time he sees him. He suspects he knows what the answer will be.

That chore taken care of, he disappears back upstairs to get on with Christmas  

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It's chance that William finds himself in Milliways at about Christmas time, and it's summer in his Scotland--which is to say that any present would have been confusing and unexpected. But a pink dildo with a big red bow, yep, that's extra unexpected. It goes into the fire, of course, but before he goes home he gets some paper and ink from Bar.

Aye, up yours too, Jim.
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Eric is presented with the pint glass as he comes down to the Bar.

It is sneered at, silver being an easily detected substance when you're a vampire, but his furious accusation of attempted murder is rebutted by a napkin pointing out the very fact that silver is an easily detected substance when you're a vampire.

Once he has simmered down a bit, he gets some nice paper and a pen from Bar.

The resulting letter (written with silver laced blood - even if it did end up costing him some skin off his fingers) starts out, "Season's Greetings, that is not how you do fake-subtle, fuck face," and then shifts into a classic Old Norse niđ dressing down of Jim, all of his physical, mental, and moral characteristics as well as speculations about just what he enjoys getting up to.

Eric was never a great poet, but despite being a little rusty the insults flow pretty freely. Especially in Old Norse.
(Enjoy translating that, Jim).

He does have quiet nice handwriting though.
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Approximately a week after receiving the gift from Moriarty --

All of your ideas are not terrible.

Thank you.

-- X and Bruce