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It's Healthy, Hypothetically, Somewhere

It's a very bright night out. 

And very cold. 

But there's a patch of clear water in the icy surface of the lake. Which has prompted Joly and Bahorel to interrupt a late-night walk with a Conversation on the merits of ice swimming. 

" You're the one who said it was healthy!" 
" No, I said some people think it's healthy. And that it's a tradition in some places. But the scientific literature is,well. Highly inconclusive, at best. Listen, sometimes people die of this sort of thing, you know? So I don't see how it's supposed to be healthy." 
" So you haven't tried it yet." 
"Listen, no , don't take your coat off--don't-- It could be dangerous--Bahorel that isn't a  reason you should--"  

The rest of Joly's protest is cut off by a cheerful shout and a splash. And then a few seconds more of very loud profanity and  much more excited splashing. And then a shout of " Come on in, the water's fine!"  that should not, in Joly's opinion, sound as convincing as it does.

..But it does. 

After a little more arguing, and the necessary time to get out of clothes neatly ("How do you always get out of your waistcoats so quickly??" " Trade secrets! And I never told you to use that kind of knot on a cravat, see how much trouble it is?" ) there's another bout of frantic splashing,accompanied by some rather more specific and personally directed cursing, in a higher register

...But it does get more comfortable after a bit. Joly frowns, and swishes a hand under the water. "It does get more comfortable, doesn't it? That's probably the hypothermia starting-- don't you dare splash-!" 

It's not a very peaceful moonlight swim. 

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Bahorel gets another fond look -- okay, friend, you enjoy that! Have fun playing chicken with hypothermia! "All right, then. See you later."

He'll tuck an arm through Joly's for a little body heat and a little windblocking, as they head inside.