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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, two men arrive on a tropical moon that is decidedly unlike anything they have experienced before. They don't like it much.
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(OOC: This is a wonderful missing moment for these two. I love how they make the base their own.)
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(OOC: Thank you! It was fun to put together.)
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(OOC: I am endlessly amused by the mental images of the dust up there at the end. I look forward to seeing these two in Milliways.)
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(OOC: Thanks! We look forward to playing them.)
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(OOC: I am having fun pondering what someone 'feels' like in the Force to someone who has never had the sense of sight. I hadn't realized just how dependent I was on sight related metaphors. :-) )
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(OOC: Ouch, I can imagine!)
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I love their priorities -- food, medical attention, and then a good fistfight for letting off a bit of steam. And then, once more into the breach...
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(OOC: Thank you for reading! We love them, too.)
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{ooc: lovely! Can't wait to tag with these guys! Give me three days to get home.}
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(OOC: Ha, thanks for reading, and have a safe trip!)