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First entrance

When the door opens today, a thirteen-year-old girl walks into the Bar. She’s wearing black combat boots and a red plaid skirt and a sweater, and most of her attention is initially focused on the Android smartphone in her hand. Her black hair is pulled back in an entirely serviceable ponytail.

And then she crosses into the Bar, and her cell signal dies, and she already has the door closed before she realizes—not until she hits a button to send a message, in fact—and she looks up.

Her violet—and yes, they really are purple, to her private embarrassment—eyes widen with surprise as she takes in the sight of a Bar where she was definitely expecting her family’s quarters on the Army base in Germany. Carefully she lets her backpack slide from her shoulders so she can swing it easily by one of the shoulder straps. After all, if she does need it, it will make a great weapon.

Her laptop isn’t even inside it right now, so it’s perfectly safe to just use the textbooks.

(She just likes to be prepared. She won't actually hit anyone. Probably.)
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Amanda watches the young girl enter the bar and notices her body language, "Are you alright?"
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"Well my door can be unpredictable. But I've been coming here on and off for a while. Is there a reason you look like your ready to hit someone?"

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Cy didn't see her enter. He just sees a kid studying. He remembers doing that, more years ago than he believes possible.

"Whatcha studying?"
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He remembers that tone of voice. He saved it for English and Social Studies.

"Math's not so bad. It actually gets to be useful later."

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Yamato, sat at a booth with a laptop, notices the readying of the backpack to use as a weapon, and approves. That should be everyone's reaction to suddenly appearing in a new place.


It's either that or she's had a run-in with someone here before, which considering that the bar has Jim 'Would Blow Up A Car With A Teenage Girl In It' Moriarty and Creepy Vampire Guy, is entirely plausible.

"There are leaflets somewhere."
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"They're at the Bar. C'mon, I'll get one for you. First drink's free, too, and Bar's milkshakes are definitely passable."

'Passable' here meaning 'really good.'

He shuts his laptop, holding it under one arm as he stands and heads towards the Bar, beckoning Lois.

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Noriko--all five and a half (ish) feet of her, blue hair half-braided to her scalp, in leggings and her boyfriend's shirt and her reading glasses--looks up in time to see the plaid and combat boots look, and the wariness that shimmers through the girl's frame like current up a Jacob's Ladder, and takes a breath.

"You probably don't want to swing your bag at anyone unless you can do it without swinging from the shoulder," she says, pausing in her knitting. "It's slow and someone can jab in past your guard."
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"And yet, here you are, swinging that thing like it's a hammer," Noriko says, looking over her lens frames.

"The knitting? Not really. Once you learn it's muscle memory," she says. "And I've long since learned." Doing it with the gauntlets on is just...what she has to do.

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The front door reopens behind her and Barry Allen rushes in.

Thankfully he's not using superspeed, but he is walking very fast, backwards, while assuring someone down the hallway on the other side of the door.

"I'll take care of it now, Captain Singh, I've got it-- " the door shuts and he has about half a second to realize it's not the door to his lab before he's bowling into someone behind him.

"What th-- "

Sorry, Lois.
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Barry's a tangle of long limbs trying to catch his balance, back off who ever he ran into, and get turned around all at the same time.

That bag hits him in the side and he puts up his arm to defend himself, ducking his head and doing a bit of a sideways hop to get out of range.

"Hey, ow, geez! I'm sorry!"

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A twenty something in a motorcycle jacket comes in from the garden, carrying a helmet. He eyes her, and the bag, giving her a playfully wary look. "I hope you don't plan on using that? Without provocation anyway."
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Jay nods, conceding the point as he puts the helmet down on the bar. "That and it's not easy to swing something like that without telegraphing your move."

He orders a coffee which appears from nowhere. "You want something?" He offers, gesturing to the empty bar.
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At some point, soon after while the teen girl is trying to decide what is going on, another teen girl comes through the door.

Selina pauses briefly, noting someone standing at the entrance as well as the backpack so casually primed for use*, and shifts her path to go around the other girl, careful to stay out of swinging range, to make her way to a booth. Once there, she takes a seat and pulls a Gucci clutch purse from beneath her jacket and proceeds to go through its contents.

Obviously newcomers aren't Selina's problem, right?

*Any street kid who can't recognize an improvised weapon ain't going to last very long.
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A slightly older teenager watches Lois from a distance, curiously eyeballing her phone, a cup of coffee held in hand.

Eponine's never seen one before, even in the Below with her brother. She's very curious but just wary enough to keep a distance between them. Living on the streets will teach you what a defensive move looks like in two seconds flat."