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psychowolf ([personal profile] psychowolf) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-05-18 10:59 am

First EP

A tall muscular man wearing shorts and a t-shirt which show his muscular physique takes the stairs in his building two at a time. Frustrated that he doesn't feel any less restless than before his run. He's supposed to be calm after a run, after the change. Every fall it's the same and getting worse every year. What is worse, this year he has to be away from home. He opens the door to his apartment but instead of his apartment there is a bar at the end of the universe. There is a moment of shock and confusion, his werewolf senses assaulted by all of the smells of this place. In that moment the door shuts behind him.

He turns and tries to open the door, his pulls at it, getting more forceful and a bit panicked, not that he would admit that last part.

[OOC: If your character is going to touch him please contact me, gwynnbochanan on gmail or aim, first]

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