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As promised, Baze does some light reading in the library about the Anzati, and drops a note off for X.

Dear X,

Forgive me, I got the name wrong--the "snot vampires" are named the Anzati. They're called snot vampires because they feed on brain fluids and life energy through tentacles that go up the nose of their victims. Apparently the victim can survive the procedure, as the Anzati liked to keep them alive for several feedings. There were some reports of Anzati subsisting only on the Force--an energy field that binds and surrounds all living things--but I doubt that will aid your cell dweller, as the Anzati who did it had to be Force sensitive.

I'm sorry this isn't more of a help. I hope you find a solution, and quickly.

Baze Malbus
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You tried. That is important.

Thank you.