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Pre-canon OOM, Chapter 5: Healing

[[Previously:  Bad weather brings conflict into this relationship! Bodhi and Galen don't get to have nice things for too long.]]
[[In the aftermath of the explosion, Galen helps Bodhi recover. But recovery is a slow road.]]
[[tinytags: bodhi rook, galen erso -- warnings for major character injury, NPC deaths, futuristic medical procedures, schmoop, and some sexual content.]]
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(OOC: *snork* This was a long one! I kept thinking they would be interrupted by someone less friendly than the nameless medic. Also, still feel like a creeper intruding on their private moments.)
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{ooc: we got a little carried away.}
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(OOC: I may exsanguinate from the smut bits due to blushing--we shall see.)