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A beautiful woman in red - long hair like battlefield fires at night; biker leathers the colour of a soldier's sash; lips perfectly lacquered with the deep, dark hue of old blood - lets herself into the bar, her helmet tucked under one arm...

And grins the sort of grin that might otherwise be attributed to an orca let loose on a school of tuna.


She swaggers across the room to order a drink at the bar, her high heels clicking on the wood like a pocketful of bullets.

This is gonna be fun.

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By the bar, there is a pale man in black, with a battle-axe, drinking tea.
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"Greetings," the axe-man says. "One would assume you are new to this place?"
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"I might, if you ask me to," Teja says. "I think I have seen your face before, here..."
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"Still, some explanation might be useful," Teja says.
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Death is all ready at the bar drinking a beer and eating an Indian Taco. That feeling though when she enters, that was interesting.

She was at least more interesting than her counterpart in his universe.
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He smiles a little, well his human form smiles, his actual form has a grinning skull for a face, go figure.

"And what, pray tell, brings War to this establishment?" he asks quietly.
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"I know your counterpart in my world," he says before sipping his beer, "Hungry?"

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A slim girl in black, pretty but not ravishing, looks up as War approaches the Bar.

She has a root beer float in front of her, with a neon purple curly straw.



"I do not think you have been here before."
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X considers that for a moment, taking a sip of her float.

"I do not think that is true."


"Even if they say it."
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X considers this for a moment, the scar on her palm flickering with heat.

"Maybe," she says, eventually.

"For some people. But not everyone."
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Anyone who has spoken with Harry Percy for any length of time has probably noticed that he doesn't generally have a lot of time or attention to spare for women. Oh, they're alright in the right time and place, but he usually has other things on his mind. Like, say, war.

But that woman. That woman.

He'd be ashamed if he realized how openly he's staring, but-- he doesn't.
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Harry has just enough presence of mind (after staring for a moment or two more at that smile) to duck into an awkward but passably courtly bow.

"Good day, madam."
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"I think we have not met," he says, though he'd almost swear he recognized her, though she is so plainly not ofnhis time or country.

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