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It's a thoughtful Harry Monmouth who lingers over his meal today, though he may not look it, doodling idly on a piece of paper. Eventually he looks at the scribbles, laughs to himself, adds a few details and scratches out a few lines of writing, before sauntering over to the message board and pinning it up.

In search of One Dragon, Ogre, or other such Beast, possessed of a fine Hoard, readily to be slain by a Prince.

There's a sinuous, winged, ink-blotty form beneath, that's probably a dragon if you squint.

Harry isn't really looking for a small fortune, but...he's not not looking.
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Ysalwen, on her way past, stops to read what notice her favorite formerly-drunken nobleman is putting up.

Her eyebrows hit her hairline.

"Are you -- um. Are you serious? About this notice?"

Has he even met an ogre?

Liranan, meanwhile, wags his tail and pants cheerfully. He has no idea why Ysa is concerned, but she'll fix whatever problem there is. Hi, Hal! Hello!
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"Ogres are right out," Ysalwen says. "They don't have any gold, for one, and for another, dead or no I think you probably don't want to risk contracting the Taint."

It does not bear thinking on.

"But dragons, drakes, and wyverns -- those I've got, and to spare. Not High Dragons, which have the richest hoards, but the others are nothing to sneeze at. Except maybe the wyverns, but their parts bring in a great deal of money on the market, so. What do you want it for?"
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"The ones that do mean it generally tend to give their gold away, so -- no, no one has ever said it, still had gold, and meant it."


"Do you think we can sit for this conversation?"
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Ysalwen grins at him, bright and a little crooked.

"I think I shall, if you'll promise not to order me swill."
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Ysalwen taps her fingertips against her mouth, thinking about the beasts she has faced in the past.

"A house and land, and doubtless more besides. Usually it's gold, a few gems and such, and then the arms and armor of everyone else the thing has killed. It can get quite fancy, if you find one that's been alive long enough. Or been troublesome and stealing cattle and children long enough."
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Ysalwen hums a little under her breath, like someone who is considering something carefully.

Then --

"Leave me the scales and teeth and blood, if you would. They make fine arms and armor, and mine could certainly use some improvements."

Not to mention Meraad's, if she's going to go out into the wider world as a mercenary.
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"I've done it with four companions before. Myself, my husband, my dog, and a warrior friend, so there's that."

Her smile is wry, and maybe a little sharp.

"I'll get you some diagrams of their size? Perhaps two draft horses long and two again as tall? On the whole. If we catch them underground in their caverns, the wings aren't quite as much a problem. And drakes, of course, don't have wings, so."

It's something!

"As for arms and armor -- a sword and shield would be ideal, as would heavy armor that you can still move in. I'll ask a friend to enchant it for you to protect against fire, as that -- tends to be a problem. Or I can lend you a ring that's proof against fire, as well?"
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"She's probably got something, though you'll likely have to leave a deposit. Bringing it back enchanted might count as repayment."

The corner of Ysalwen's mouth quirks up.

"You'll be fighting under my spells, if you come with me. My husband's daggers will likely be coming, too."
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"I suppose you could test your faith and risk being burned alive if you really want to."

Her expression suggests what she thinks of this plan.

"But no, I -- I suppose I don't exactly understand, because my world is full of magic, but -- I can imagine what it might be like if it were not."

Sort of. If she squints.
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Ysalwen doesn't really believe in gods. People, yes. Gods . . . no.

It shows.

"It seems like an equitable division of labor. Or maybe a little less than that, as I actually happen to be sitting on several reports of a dragon being sighted in the Frostbacks. The exact location I need to find, but -- not the rumors."
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"It seems likely, honestly. She's always behaved very generously in the past."

So there's that.

"Shall I leave a note once I've found the dragon? Or -- "