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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The Bar changes.

It looks, in fact, like a certain cantina on a sandy planet in a galaxy far, far away—at least, as like it as it can, given that it’s much bigger, and rather cleaner than Mos Eisley has ever so much as dreamed of being. But the spirit of it holds, from the shapes of the tables to the dark corners, the shape of the bar to the requisite band playing jaunty tunes from a recessed stage. While they play the regular cantina fare, some Earth-origin people may just recognize some tunes as jazzier renditions of a particular set of movies’ scores--or occasionally even heavy metal covers.

There are a few other minor variations: chairs have towels draped on the backs, and—going along with the unaccustomed cleanliness—centerpieces are on the tables with lilac. Less minor are the giant banners draped everywhere, including one on each side of the Bar. Half carry the spoked wheel of the Imperial Crest and the stylized starbird of the Rebel Alliance; all carry a ‘40’ writ large on them. Napkins will also carry those symbols with the number.

Outside, signs point to a Grav-ball court and flight simulator room—the latter of which is particularly important, as while there are ships from the garage out and on display, they are all grounded. However, they are open for people who want to take tours around them, or get in a pilot’s seat and feel what it’s like. The simulator room is there for those who want a more immersive experience. Also found outside is a racing track for speeders and pod-racers, with functional vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Back inside the Bar, datapads are scattered on tables, offering costumes or even temporary species changes to all and sundry. There are also a wide variety of weapons—lightsabers, blasters, all kinds of things—with no settings that can do more damage than maybe light bruising. Extra tables line the walls for Dejarik and Cubikahd, along with a few other games. The Bar or abandoned tables will provide cards for Sabacc and Pazaak for still more idiomatic entertainment.

On many of the tables, Jogan fruit cakes are displayed prominently, each with a large 40 (made of shortbread with icing, because where’s the fun in non-edible decoration?) on the top and with knives to cut, along with some individual slices with much smaller 40s. A much larger one is on display on the Bar.

Cakes, costumes, games, racing, music, and toys. What more could an anniversary celebration ask for, really?

[[ooc: 40 years is a long time, after all. Seriously, go look up jazz and heavy metal covers of Star Wars songs, they are great. Yes, it's early ("it's midnight somewhere!"), but I wanted to give people plenty of time to have as much fun as they can. So y'all go do just that! :D Happy Birthday, Star Wars!]]

[[ooc: EDIT: also, feel free to reply here if you want, but let's get a ton of fun EP's up, yeah? Decorate our Bar with awesome all over! Races, sparring, whatever you want to come up with. All up to you!]]
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YT has equipped herself with one of the blasters, because they're kind of cool. And she's tooling around on a speeder on the track that appeared outside, because it's really cool.

It would be even cooler if she had someone to race with.