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[[Immediately following this.]]

"Abort! Abort!"

She looks up and notices the door leads to Milliways. Not ideal, but at least she can get away. She's one foot in the bar when a strap wraps around her other ankle and pulls, slamming her face down to the ground.

Tess looks up, nose bleeding, as she looks for help, but it's all happening too fast. There's a loud BOOM and the strap starts pulling her backward, out of the bar. Her fingernails scratch along the floor as she tries to get away but to no avail.


It's the last thing anyone will hear before the door closes and there's silence once more.

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Cassian's counting out credits for his tab and some good caf when he hears her yell.

By the time he gets to the door, Tess is gone and he leans down to touch her scratches, he hopes she has someone to get her out. He doesn't imagine that Tess likes being trapped by anyone.
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Sam looks up at her cry of 'Abort! Abort!', old instincts putting him in battle mode. Without looking, he puts his coffee down on the nearest table and is running her way, when she's pulled back and the door slams.

He knows it's futile by the time he gets to the closed door but he has to give it a yank regardless. Damn it.

Scowling, he turns to find his coffee. He can't help now, but he will be keeping his eye out for the woman, hoping she'll make it back soon.
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Jim is in the bar on one of his three-day stopovers, crunched up in a chair reading a book. He looks up at the first sound of 'abort!' and raises an eyebrow.

Then he smirks. Tess is dragged backwards. He watches until the door slams shut.

And then goes back to reading.