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They've put off learning about it for long enough.

The afternoon sun streams through the large, clean windows of the library to shine down on Baze and Chirrut as they comb through the stacks. They're searching for literature on the world-killer, the monster that destroyed NiJedha and Scarif and Alderaan. They've consumed holovids and datapad files and--eventually--books with real paper.

The two Jedhans have learned that the death toll was in the billions--not the millions like they originally thought. They've learned that the scrappy Rebellion destroyed the first Death Star. And they've learned that a second one was built, but that it, too, was destroyed. And still they're hungry for more. More information, more opinions.

Chirrut is also hungry for actual food. Baze may have discovered a newfound and absorbing love for research, but Chirrut has been enjoying re-learning what not being physically hungry feels like... and all of this resoundingly depressing news isn't improving his mood as lunchtime ticks closer and closer.

"You know, the Imperials didn't care if we starved when we were actually on an Imperial-occupied world... they're definitely not going to care if we starve in heaven. You need to rethink your political activism, Baze." He comments, when his first three (and increasingly pointed) comments about the approaching mealtime fail to elicit a move towards food-containing areas.

(OOC: Warnings in the Baze-Chirrut thread for painfully bad euphemisms about NSFW topics.)
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Chirrut starts snickering when 'the Force of the Jedi's love flows unbridled into her love cave'. It's hard, after all, to keep hold of a dark mood when you're listening to your friend's voice get ever more strangled as the wording gets worse and worse.

"So, does that make her Force-touched?" He asks, innocently. So innocently. He should duck, but really there's no time to get out of range.
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"No, wait, back up, what did she gasp again? I think I missed some of the nuances." Chirrut asks, giggling. "I want to make sure I'm understanding this right."
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The love lightsaber with its shiny red blade makes a repeat appearance, but Chirrut nearly drowns out Baze with laughter when Rika's breasts barrel-roll across Mathzar's mouth like starfighters arching across the crystal-strewn sky.

"No, it doesn't say that, no one could have possibly published that."
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"Tube of fire? That man needs to see a medic." Chirrut cackles, "Probably due to all of his hair pulling.

But then the author had to go and use 'Sarlacc pit of love' and Chirrut's collapsed on the bed, giggling madly.
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"I'll take the second one with my translator. It's only fair. Go on, I... won't promise not to laugh, but you could consider it practice in maintaining calm."

Chirrut plans on giggling like a loon. As if this were news.