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Laigle de Meaux ([personal profile] tire_moi_mes_bottes) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-07-14 08:25 am

l'Happy Hour IV: TGIVendredi

The French presence in Milliways may have quieted down a bit, as new guests come to the place and old residents settle into their ways. But it's 14 juillet, the Fête nationale, anniversary of the kick-off of one of the greatest Revolutions, and Lesgle isn't letting it pass unmarked.

He's an old hand at this by now, and bustles around behind the bar. Gets out the tricolor flag, the bunting, the cockades. Cheese, fruit, crackers. Sandwiches. Red wine, champagne, and Various Blue Drinks. A welcoming smile for all comers.


reads the chalkboard, and



Ça ira!

((Good heavens, this guy has been doing this for four years? Party thread rules apply--hop around, talk amongst yourselves, have fun! I might throw in some of my other characters as well for partying purposes.))

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