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[oom: In which Hera and Kanan are Very Mature and Responsible adults. Really.]

Last night may have been a mistake.

At least, that's how Hera's feeling about now, leaned over a table and resting her head in her hands. She's also thinking coming into the Bar may have been a mistake, given that at least it might have been quieter back on the Ghost. But then –

No. Chopper's on the Ghost. This was definitely the better plan.

She winces hard when Kanan returns to the table. He doesn't look much better, having only managed to lazily tie his hair back before coming in here. He puts two bowls of what looks like some kind of meat stew down on the table, along with two cups of caf.

"It smells awful," Hera comments, not looking up.

"I know." Kanan collapses into the chair across from her. "But the Parmathens I used to drink with swore by it."

Hera shuts her eyes for a moment, but then –

"If anyone knows their hangover cures…" Reluctantly, she lifts her head, and reaches for her bowl.

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