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Metalwork pt. II. -- 2 characters in 1 post

Today, the bypass stairs leading from the lake area upstairs are a bit hard to navigate, as Teja and Galen are moving the thing they had been constructing upstairs, to install it on Galen's and Bodhi's balcony. If you are in a hurry going up or down, please excuse them for a moment while they get the copper pipes and rolls of rubber tubes and crates of odd little steampunk-y implements out of your way.

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Bodhi lingers, trying to help and at the same time, trying not to get in the way. There's a lot going on with the contraption and he doesn't want to lift it by the wrong section and break something. Not until Galen's had a chance to explain it to him.

So mostly he tries to keep a pair of curious kittens out of the way. Nahts and Kyber want to help.
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"Kyber, come here." Bodhi grabs the kitten by the scruff of the next and tucks the struggling monster inside his shirt. He'll have scratches later but at least Kyber won't get stepped on. Or break anything. At least Nahts is better at not being in the way. "I've got it."
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Bodhi ducks ahead, Nahts chasing him. He manages to squeeze past Teja's broad shoulder to open the door ahead of them.
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"Thank you." Bodhi smiles, unsure what else to say. He's never seen anyone's room except for the one he stayed in when he first came. And it wasn't very nice. "The Bar was very kind to give us somewhere with such a big kitchen."

He pulls Kyber out of his shirt and puts the wriggling kitten out. "Go play in the bedroom." He throws a little ball with a bell through the door and the two kittens trip over themselves to chase it. "How can I help?"
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"I can do that." Bodhi makes himself useful, laying the pipes out.
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Bodhi passes the pipes across in order as requested, moving pots out of the way where needed.

After a while, Myrrh comes up the ramp, perching out of the way to watch.
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Seeing his part done, Bodhi steps back out of the way, patting Myrrh in passing. He slips inside and comes back with a jug of chilled meiloorun juice, pouring glasses for them. It may not be that hot a day but it's warmer than Bodhi's use to.
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He offers a glass to Teja when he's done. "So, can you explain how it works? Without me needing to be a scientist?" He's a solidly good ships mechanic and a interstellar navigator but that might not help knowing Galen.
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Bodhi fetches a bowl of water and some tuna for Count.

He smiles at the little windmill and its streamer. "I'm sure they'll love it. Even if we have the replace the streamers every once in a while."

"So the crystals will know if plants are too dry or too wet? That's wonderful. It won't waste any water. I know we have plenty but I still worry."
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"Balance." Bodhi smiles and nods. Yes, that as resonance with him. He touches Galen's arm, his hand brushing down to tangle his fingers with Galen's.

He nods to Teja, a little embarrassed when he realises he's being sappy in front of someone else. "Thank you for all your help. This is wonderful."

It doesn't take long for the kittens to smell the fish so he fetches bowls for them too. So Count doesn't have to fight them for it.
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Bodhi's fingers curls tight around Galen's, glad for his lover's support. He knows he doesn't need to be shy around Teja but there's still a part of him that's unsure about being so open.

"Then I'm glad we could provide a proof of the concept." He turns to Galen. "I didn't know there was anyone here working with droids. Other than your sparring partner, Teja."
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"I hope the cats doesn't chase them." Bodhi smiles, watching as Kyber discovers the streamers on the little windmill.
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Nahts has decided to stalk Kyber's tail instead. Bodhi watches smiling as the inevitable pounce. "Then they're very welcome. So Teja? Do you plan to visit Gotland soon?"
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"I do," he says, "to bring blades for their sickles, made like a Japanese kama -- I promised Wachis. He didn't believe me they were so much better. And I would gladly take the two of you, so my friends may meet Galen, and so he can think aloud about irrigation."
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"I'd like that. Very much." Bodhi looks to Galen, squeezing his hand lightly. "If you want to come?" Again, he doesn't want to presume.
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Bodhi smiles warmly and kisses Galen's cheek (while Teja's not watching). "I'd like that too. And to thank them, for how well they looked after me. I'll be... in a better way this time. And I can be of more help."
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"I'd love to. It only seems fair, after they took such good care of me." He looks to Teja. "Do you think it would be welcomed? If I bought strange food from other worlds?"
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"Of course it would be," Teja says, "especially if there were sweet things, too, for the children to enjoy."
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"That can be arranged." Bodhi smiles warmly. "How soon before we go?" How long does he have to prepare?
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Bodhi hesitates, biting his lip. "Can we wait, just till tomorrow? That way I have time to cook for them. I know I can get food from the bar but- it's not the same as cooking it myself. And can we take Myrrh and Kyber? Or should I organise food for them while we're away?"
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"We can wait," Teja says. "Of course we can. As long as you want to. And yes, the cats can come along. I will bring Nahts, also."
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"Oh good." Bodhi visibly relaxes. "I'd worry about leaving Kyber alone. He has a knack for getting into trouble."

You can already see the cogs turning in his head, planning food. "Is there anything more I can help with here? If not, I'll go down to the bar and fetch some ingredients."
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"Thank you, Teja. I hadn't thought of that."

Bodhi smiles brightly to Galen, pressing a swift kiss on his cheek and squeezing his hand before darting to the door. He stops halfway. "Would you like anything? Should I bring you up some lunch?"
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"Yes, please!" they both say, smiling at Bodhi in very different but still fond ways.
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Bodhi smiles and heads downstairs with a skip in his step, careful to close the door so the kittens don't follow him.
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