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Bonnie is sitting in a booth, with a thick brown envelope, two smaller white envelopes and a rather thoughtful expression.

Why is nothing ever straightforward in this world?
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Jay spots her and brings over a mug of coffee. "That looks serious. You okay? I'm going to guess you're going over the divorce papers?"
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Jay can't help but chuckle at the childishness of the second one. "Oh wonderful."

He looks at the one from the father-in-law. "This sounds like a more reasonable person to deal with. He's motivated to find solutions and not afraid to take responsibility."

"How are you thinking of approaching it?"
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"Then I'd put money on him being the one to talk to, if you're looking for a reasonable voice. If the idea is to prevent Turtle from trashing his own life and everyone in it, I'd contact the father-in-law and see if you can get him on the same page."

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope of his own. "Can you give this to Ted for me? He asked me to do some research for him, there are the results." As expected, the comic in question in good condition is worth a fortune. And not a small one.
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Jay reaches out to take her hand, looking seriously into her eyes. "Bonnie, you've got nothing to worry about. Ted is a good kid growing into a good man. He's thinking ahead, planning for his future. You should be proud."

"Sounds like a smart plan. Need any help with it?"
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"Pity he doesn't seem to have the same sense of self preservation about his own life." Jay muses. Turtle is a man who really needs to get his head together.
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"Right, well you can start by stowing the pity party." Jay answers sharply. "It takes two to tango and you were both consenting adults."

"Turtle asked, you didn't pressure him. He chose who he wanted to be with. Not your fault he couldn't make up his mind or get his own shit in order."

"As for being a better wife, I don't even know where to start with that one! Bonnie, for fuck's sake cut it out. You're smarter than this."
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"Not my pity you need to check, love. It's yours. You need to get yourself together. You're strong, organised and you've done amazing job raising all those kids. You made calls that were the right thing at the time - for yourself and for the kids."

He looks her right in the eye. "Situations change, you need to roll with that. You go from where you stand. Which is here." He lays a hand on the pile of paperwork.
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He leans over to hug her warmly. "Cut yourself some slack, hey?"
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He rubs her back, hugging her tight. "It's going to be okay, babe. You need a day out?"
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"Lunch in 2009 Hong Kong?"
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"Good." Jay offers her an arm. "Shall we?"
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"Depends what you're in the mood for. Fine dining? Maybe a change of clothes but if you're up for street food, you're fine. I'm sure the Bar can sort you out if you want spending money but lunch in on me."
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"Any time, Bon. Any time." He opens the door for her.