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Name:The Bar at the End of the Universe
Posting Access:All Members



APPS FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER 2017 ARE CURRENTLY: CLOSED. The next app period is October 1st through October 10th.

For some, it's home, or a home away from home. For others, it's an escape from their world - sometimes temporary, not always voluntary. For some, it's even an afterlife. For many, it's simply a place to kick back with a drink and a bowl of fried paradoxes, and watch the universe end. All of them.

Welcome to Milliways, the Bar at the End of the Universe. Hang up your hat, leave your outside allegiances by the door, and please: tip your waitrats.


Only one of each character is welcome here, though multiple personifications of one concept are welcome - Pratchett's Death and Gaiman's Death can co-exist, for example, and Kevin Smith's Loki is welcome to argue over a beer with Mask II's Low Key. People are also welcome to play well-known, public domain characters without reference to one particular set of texts (eg: Lucifer, Santa Claus, etc.), except, and this is important, any variation, fandom or no, on major world deities. Historical characters are allowed, as long as they are fictional representations thereof (eg: William Shakespeare as portrayed in Shakespeare In Love, Gandhi from Gandhi, and so on).

NOTE: We do not accept original or fanfiction characters, nor alternate-universe (AU) versions of a character, unless said AU versions are specifically featured in the canon. The character you wish to play must have an established canonical background, no matter how small - one mention in a book, one cameo in a tv series - in the non-fanwork source of your choice. Please don't join the community with an OC journal. Thank you.

  1. Any post containing adult or potentially triggering material, i.e. sex, violence, etc., needs to be either behind a cut-tag, or (if contained in the comments or a link) clearly warned for in the body of the post. As a corollary to this, if the moderators discover that any underage players are writing threads with adult content, those players will be immediately ejected from the community.

  2. Any plotlines, silliness, whatever-you-want-to-post is generally acceptable, but you must clear any physical changes to the bar or its surrounding area with a mod.

  3. Canon-puncturing is not allowed. In short, this means that you need to not gad about the bar telling other characters that they’re fictional. Easy enough, right? Right. See the FAQ for more information.

  4. In fact, let's make that a rule. Read the FAQ. You should also follow the OOC comm, [community profile] ways_back_room, or track the 'mod post' tag to keep up with important announcements.

  5. If you’re planning a plot for your character that seriously limits the way other characters in the bar act/move/exist/etc., you need to clear it with those other muns first. Failure to do so results in godmodding and wank, and we don’t want either of those things in our happy little comm. In order to contact other muns OOC, you can either make a [community profile] ways_back_room post, or check out the Contact List for email addresses, IM screen names, and so on. Many of the players in Milliways are in OOC contact with one another, and it’s a good way to make friends and stay on top of the various happenings around the bar.

  6. If you RP in one of [community profile] milliways_bar's many sub-communities, any threads there must be linked to from a new post in the main community.

  7. And above all, always use common sense. When in doubt, ping a mod – we are always happy to answer questions.

READ BEFORE APPING: Applications are open the first ten days every month, unless otherwise posted in [community profile] ways_back_room. (All players and applicants should watch this community from either a mun or character journal.) Please do not send in an application during the other three weeks of the month, unless it is for a plot-only character as outlined below.


Players may app a maximum of two characters per month, and may have total of ten active characters at any one time. If you already have ten characters and wish to app another, you will need to retire or delete one of the ones you already have. See here for further information.

If you need to app a character specifically for an in-bar plot on top of your monthly/maximum character limits, or outside the regular apps period, please contact a mod and we will see what we can do. This is on the condition that said character is played for that plot only; if you intend to continue playing them as a regular character, then they fall under the above restrictions.

We will approve characters in the order we receive applications. This means characters are first come, first served, and if a player sends in more than two applications, only the first two will be approved. (Plot-only characters are the exception to this rule; see above.)

Good? Good. Here's how to app a character.


Your friendly mods are the terrific trio of:
Cam :  camwyn @ gmail . com camwyn cwru (AIM)
Steph :  milliways.mal @ gmail . com stephmuji (AIM)
Bing :  agoodshinkickin @ gmail . com agoodshinkickin (AIM)
Your mods can be contacted at milliways.mods [at] gmail [dot] com, but if you need to contact one of the mods privately, please do so using one of the above addresses.

The current Head Barman are Michaelangelo ([community profile] mnt_mike) and Sallie Reynolds ([community profile] realmrsreynolds). Michaelangelo's mun, Bing, is the Bar Mod - the person you go to about physical changes to the bar. See the FAQ for more information. Sallie's Mun is the aforementioned Modly Steph.


A number of Milliways patrons have taken up employment at the bar. Check out the list to see who you're ordering drinks from/getting thrown in the cells by/etc.

Milliways Security has a specific IC and OOC way of dealing with conflicts and plots. Please read over their FAQ so that you're up to date with procedures.

There is a list of taken rooms here, courtesy of Sarah Connor's mun. If you wish to give your character a specific room number, please check this out first.


Milliways is a community in more than one sense of the word, and we love making friends here. If you want to drop in on the regular OOC chat on AIM, check out the where's crackchat at? tag in [community profile] ways_back_room - or maybe you'd like to come hang out in the comments of the daily entertainment, or feel the love in our regular thread pimp posts.

We also have a Milliways Contact List, so once you've joined, feel free to drop by add yourself. It's an excellent way for players to contact each other outside of Milliways to plot, squee, or share O_o moments.


Milliways makes extensive use of tagging, the better to help you find old threads featuring your characters, as well as others'. In order to do this, we have to maintain a Paid Premium account on Dreamwidth. If you have any spare Dreamwidth points, and you'd like to help out, simply transfer them to [community profile] milliways_mods, and they'll be put towards the cost of maintaining [community profile] milliways_bar.

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!

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markedformore, masterofdungeons, masterofgunfu, masterofstlouis, max_epper, maxwell_a_mercer, md_donighal, mechanicalswans, melwicker1, mergich_singer, merryeccentricities, messwiththebest, metallicmajor, mickandbono, mightbeagoodone, mighty_avenger, milliways_mods, mintylicious, mirror_and_ice, miss_yt, missginnytonic, missmarybennet, mistressmaryquitecontrary, mjolnir_retriever, mnr_splinter, mnt_mike, mnt_raph, mogget_cat, moonandstar, moonlight_revels, morecurious, morethanprops, mostcharmingsmile, mr_gaeta, mumblingsoftruth, mute_clay, my_brothers_humor, mycursedface, mymagicnumber, myownvision, myriadbeautiful, myshootingstar, mything_person, nameless_vultusino, nameoftheleu, nathaniel_kitten, necessary_child, needs_fern, nerves_of_ice, never_forgets, never_going_back, never_lost_faith, never_promised, never_shall_yield, neverbelievedintheend, neverenoughgold, neverm0re, newredmuses, nita_callahan, nitro_is_ace, no_justice, no_martyr, no_more_hiding, no_vampires_plz, nocturnalmedicine, nolittlevoice, nolongerhunted, nomorekaraoke, nordthuum, noseisntright, nospeedlimit, nosuchpromise, not_a_horse, not_elvish, not_his_pa, not_hisdate, not_impressed, not_lugosi, not_only_wisdom, not_sinister, not_that_count, not_the_cavalry, not_the_second, notabricklayer, notadancinggirl, notallofus, notamutant, notapilot, notascreensaver, noteful, notenlightened, nothingcoolaboutit, nothinglikeanybody, notimewarp, notinkansas, notinthebook, notjustcookies, notmygrandfather, notsweetenough, notthewolf, notyetwritten, notyourproblem, nullofscience, numbered_doctor, of_goldenlake, ofcourage, oftheaxe, ofthefamily, ofthosegoodold, ol_yellow_eyes, oldaussiebulldog, oldsugartooth, onabirdswing, onceaviking, onceholyknight, one_man_army, oneman_onevote, onesweetninja, oo_7, operates_cobra, orange_lily, originalbruce, originallois, ostro_goth, othercaptjack, othereight, ourladyofways, out_of_my_part, out_on_the_mat, outsidethelaw, overcame_fear, ownerless, ownsherclothes, 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scrmifthishurts, scurlock, sdelmonte, sea_and_field, seat_five_girl, seeking_truth, seelightbelight, sees_them_too, seeswithhereyes, seewhatyoumean, seigaku_no_neko, sergeant_deskjob, seriousbusiness, shadowjack, shakemyhand, sharpeyedwarf, sheldon_lee_cooper, shelley_winters, shes_so_fetch, shieldmaiden_lagertha, shiridan, shoeless_ed, shufti, shuuuun, sidhe_king, silver_flecks, singsometimes, singthesong, sithis_shaped, skatefree_diehard, skeleton_king, skepticgirl1, skittlesreduction, sky_child, slatedformore, slayedthedragon, slidingjennifer, slutbamwalla, smiley_riley, snowy_river_man, so_many_crystals, solar_powered_kahn, soldier_blade, somanysads, somekindalucky, songless_canary, sonof_thrain, sonowinethen, sophistry, sorceressupreme, souffle_girlek, spaceblasterchic, spaceboy3000, spaceman_xephos, speaksonlytruth, spiderine, spiralmovements, spit_it_out, spooky_shrink, spunsilk, stargypsy, starrydome, steamgenius, steelartisan, stillsmallvoice, stole_a_time_lord, stolenpostit, strangemerchant, stuck_mynock, student_of_impossibility, stupidandfrumpy, subsequent, sunbaked_baker, sunlit_stone, sunny_side_up, swamp_prophet, symmetrical, takingthechance, tall_dark_and, tangoesque, tased_lightning, tattling, teenagedream, ten_of_swords, teotihuacangroup, tesla_bot, testsubject1498, thanksrainman, thats_not_data, the_cupbearer, the_devi, the_dorian_gray, the_fairest, the_gene_genie, the_huntsman, the_lioness, the_obverse, the_old_bean, the_prince_of_crows, the_revelation, the_seafarer, the_shaper, the_sharp_flame, the_strong_one, the_taxman, the_wrenster, theantisuit, thebesteverseen, theblackarrow, thebrokensoldier, thecareergirl, thechaosbringer, theduckling, thefirststark, thegoodeson, thekidfrombrooklyn, thelizziebennet, themerlin, themidnightson, themysciran_diana, thenewblack, thenextround, theoldfirm, theprodigalrogue, thepurposeofthegoggles, thequietblack, thereisno11, theresnodoor, thesupersmeller, thewidewideworld, they_see_me, theykeepkilling, thingsdoneproperly, thinksincurves, third_street_playa, this_isaturn, thisfatefulhour, thisgrimfandango, thranduil, three_of_swords, throws_things, thunderbasedgod, thursdays_angel, til_it_aint, tiltingwithlips, tipsilyeverafter, tire_moi_mes_bottes, tobeclosetohim, tokenhotgirl, too_well_bred, toocooltocare, took_a_year_out, touched_by_fire, tragic_mask, trigger_man, truckasaurus_mitts, true_desire, try_corsets, tu_vas_triompher, turn_the_wheel, turned_captain, twiceahero, twiststheblade, two_to_the_head, un_fantome, undeniablestyle, unglitched, unrepentantrogue, unshattered, unthinkable, upwiththisiwillnotput, v_knidh8er, valiantrebel, vance_prime, veiled_hellion, velvetunderground, venerable_ibis, venturedean, venusadept_2, very_anti_virus, verybrightfuture, victoryschild, visible_sariel, vive_lavenir, vojvode, vorpatril, vyvyan, waco_jim, walksindeath, walksthebounds, walktheworlds, wally_not_waldo, wannab_hokage, wantasugarcube, wantedman, watching_you, watchmakers_son, waxwontbeenough, we_dont_fly, wee_mad_arthur, west_ham_artist, whathastobedone, whatisastiles, whatsshakinpox, wheatencrown, whereineedtobe, whiiiip_laaaash, whipped_weapon, whoiwasmeant2be, whoneedspants, whowasonfire, wild_colts, will_scarlett, wings_of_a_swan, winter_arrows, witchfinder_general, with_his_tail_high, withusyouwillstay, wizard_dresden, wolfinsheclothing, wolfnamedkitty, yestothedress, yinyangwizard, yosafbridge, young_tmriddle, young_womble, youngest_dragon, your_local_yokel, yourcolossalhands, yournextmayor, zodiac_rabbit
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