20 August 2017 @ 01:34 pm
Baze is excited. He's been brewing beer for weeks in his upstairs workshop--refurbished after that unfortunate explosion--and he's ready. He enlists Chirrut to carry the bottles of stout and hard apple cider and red ale and--Baze's favorite--moonshine downstairs to the bar.

"... Such a complainer!" Baze says over his shoulder to Chirrut. They're halfway down the stairs with their second box of pre-chilled alcohol each. "Had I known how old and decrepit you were, I wouldn't have asked you to help."

"Next time, Malbus, I am making sure you get smaller bottles from Bar. You could store a week's worth of water in these and have space left over!"

Baze laughs, and carts their prizes to the counter. He quickly sets up what he and Chirrut need for their bartending shift--grated tang bark, boiling water, and a written menu--and then pats Bar, sending her to bed. The board reads:

Happy Hour with Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe
Dark Side
Light Side
Emperor's Blood

Hot chocolate with tang bark
Peppermint tea

All proceeds to go to the Joe Manco fund for Bound patrons

(OOC: This is "normal" Baze and Chirrut! No AU pups, please!)
Shortly after Lord Amuscat had arrived in Milliways, a non-stop feast began in her honor, although no one really arranged for it to happen besides herself. The afternoon blended into evening and the waitrats brought out the finest foods of the multiverse. Evening faded into night and she ate and ate and ate, and she drank the finest and most tastiest and most stupor inducing liqours and the most knurd inducing coffee, after which she spent three hours standing on a barstool with her face pressed up against the Observation Window. And the feast continued, even though her hot food had grown cool and her cold food became distressingly warm. There was always fresh food and drink being brought out along with the fluffiest pillows for her to sit on. The night gave way to morning and noon was creeping on in when Lord Amuscat bellied up to Bar (although somehow she still didn't have much of a belly) to find out what other delights Bar could offer.

Bar offers a bill instead.

"You cannot seriously expect me to pay!" she protests. "Every second that I refrain from destroying this place is more than enough pay that bill a hundred times over.

A napkin with writing appears on Bar's surface.

"So if I destroy the bar I get to meet the Landlord? Sounds like a net positive to me." Lord Amuscat begins gathering hakai energy to give Bar a chance to clarify.

Which Bar does with another napkin.

"Well, yes, that would be unpleasant," Lord Amuscat concedes, letting the hakai energy dissipate. Another napkin appears, and Amuscat grumbles "fine, I'll do that."

After a while, the Happy Hour sign goes up.

Happy Hour half price drinks
Rice Beer - Whiskey
Champagne - Calvados
Araq - BLT Cocktail
Malt Liqour - Kornbranntwein
Hard Cider - Mojito
Tequila - Cognac
Moscow Mule - Campari
Rum - Cusqueña
Vermouth - Margaritas
Sherry - Gin Sour
Gin - Martinis
Amber Wine - Awamori
Muscat - Pisco Sour

[ooc: feel free to catch her during her feasting (she'll share as long as she gets her first bite) or during Happy Hour. Or both, why not?]
09 August 2017 @ 07:49 pm
OOM: Cassian dreams of his childhood.

Cassian enters Bar with his shirt collar open, his face a little wet from where he put cold water on to wake himself up and adjusting his blaster belt. Its evening in Milliways and he goes to the counter and gets a napkin which he stares at with a nod. Then goes behind the counter, smiles at another napkin and mixes himself a margarita since he could do with some tequila.

Dead Mans Boots
Gone Tomorrow
War Cloud

Once the specials are up, he sips his drink and looks for anyone he knows, trying to feel more awake and not note where every child is in Milliways.

Tiny tag: Cassian Andor
OOC: Open for ages, the OOM contains death, destruction and a child dealing with both in a nightmare/memory.
08 June 2017 @ 06:52 pm
Cassian enters the front door pushing it backwards with a sauce pan in his hands and with his shirt sleeves pushed up saying, "Kay, that's not helpful. I know I'm not making it the same way I did before."

He pauses and a metal face tries to peer in and follow him, "Why can't I enter?"

"I don't know but go back in and see if you can get that pilot out of the kitchen," Then Cassian shoos Kay away before turning around, Milliways' timing isn't the best, but there is a kitchen here.

He goes up to the counter, careful of the pot in his hand that's full of the smell of peppers cooking down. At the counter he gets a napkin which he sighs at, "I'm already making dinner on base."

Another one appears as he answers, "Fine but only this once."

Then Cassian goes behind with a few muttered curses in Festian, setting the pot down on a hot plate that appears as he stares at all the bottles. He decides to keep it simple and grabs a beer with something that almost looks like Festian on it before sitting down and stirring his pot to keep it cooking while he does this duty.

Anything from Corellia
Alderaan beer
Introduce me to something good to eat or drink and your drink's free

Tiny tag: Cassian Andor
OOC: Its my birthday and here's a cooking Captain for everyone. Open for ages.
04 April 2017 @ 07:40 pm
Sameth's wiping his face with his shirt as he's just come from the forge. Milliways means he can get something to eat and drink without having to properly clean up. At the counter, he gets a napkin and shifts behind the counter where first he cleans off a little more at the sink then pulls out the cocktail book.

Spiced Wine
Ginger Fire
Iron Dream
What projects are you working on?

Then he sits down with a spiced wine and some bread and cheese to see who's around. He's been so busy with the Southerlings and then his work that he feels like its been a while since he's been in.

(OOC: Open until the next Happy Hour goes up or it scrolls. Slightly inspired by my discovering Forged in Fire and creative smiths.)
14 March 2017 @ 04:47 pm
When William comes in from the back, he's shaking off his hat, the storm from last night hasn't fully left. All he wants is to get something warm, when Bar asks him to bartend and he starts by getting a big bowl of chili and some cornbread along with coffee as he sets up the specials.

Hot tea or coffee
Free hot drink if you're coughing.

Then he digs into his food and looks around, he's hearing a lot of sneezing and coughing which is never a good sign.

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28 February 2017 @ 06:46 pm
Quentin loves living in San Francisco most of the time, but today he hates all the hills and having to wrestle with other people to do the grocery shopping. He knows its an important chore but it sucks and when he finds Milliways instead of the cafe he was looking for, he relaxes. When he goes up to the counter and asks Bar to hold his groceries and gets a napkin he shrugs, its an easier thing to do.

Anything fizzy is half off.

Then he pours himself a soda and opens a box of cookies as he looks to see who's around. He hasn't remembered to take off his disguise off yet so he looks human with rounded ears and ash blond hair.
13 February 2017 @ 08:02 pm
Sameth enters carrying various lists for helping the Southerlings and adjusts his surcoat. There's so much to do, but there's always a lot to do, it would be strange if there wasn't anything. When he sits down at the counter and shifts his sword from habit, a napkin appears and he says, "Yes, I'd be happy to."

Then he goes behind the counter and pulls out the cocktail book as he considers recipes.

Spiced Wine
Promised Land Martini
Crown Float

Once they're up, he makes himself a spiced wine and as he watches the counter, starts making some sketches on the back of one of his lists for improving Lirael's hand.

(OOC: This week, I read the newest book of Sam's canon. Help me share the happy new canon feeling.)
03 February 2017 @ 11:49 am
Wilford's feeling pretty good today, despite appearances. He comes in today with the stiff gait of someone who's probably hiding a broken rib or two. He's not wearing his glasses today, but the cut across the bridge of his nose and the bruising on his face is probably a good indicator of why.

He doesn't even have to wonder why he's served with a napkin this week. But as far as reprimands go, he's had worse.


Anything at eye level

If he can't reach it, you're not getting it.

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27 January 2017 @ 11:22 am
Wilford is not riding out the tail end of a bad trip when he comes in today. Nor is he attempting to drown half the bar. But he did make an awfully big mess the last time he was in, so instead of the lunch he came in for today, he gets a napkin telling him to work off the costs of the clean-up instead.

All right then. If that's how things are going to be.


Green Stuff
This Blue Shit
Whatever the Fuck That Thing Is

The bottles are all helpfully laid out on the bar, with their weird labels and contents that look varying degrees of radioactive. Or you can order off the specials menu, if you don't feel like potentially getting killed today.

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20 January 2017 @ 11:46 am
Last night was odd. Wilford needs about six more hours of morning before he thinks he'll even start to feel human. He woke up in his dressing room (which means he passed out at some point), to find it a disaster, and nope. This is not what he wants to deal with right now.

As soon as he finds Milliways, Wilford wanders behind the Bar and finds the remote for the TV, and finds a local news channel. And the headline he finds* goes a little bit of the way into jumpstarting his attention span.

So it's right about now that he notices the napkin on the bar. Because of course it's there.


Red Death
Black Death
Death Sentence
Creeping Death

With that done, Wilford leans against the bar to watch the news.

*[ooc: both links mildly nsfw; drugs, violence, crude humour. Open until the next Happy Hour post. Threadhopping encouraged!]
13 January 2017 @ 11:57 am
It's hard to miss the shenanigans when Wilford comes into the bar today, sans dog. He's also not surprised when he gets a napkin instead of the lunch he orders. That's how things are going to be, it seems. That's fine. Even if he is a terrible bartender, being back here will give him an excellent vantage point to watch everyone panic and scramble to pay their bills. And what's stopping him from helping in the only way he knows how?


Easy Money
Joe's Cash Money
Miss Money Penny
Run for Your Money
Show Me Tha Money
Money Shot

Survive a shot of the green stuff and drink for free

As usual, the dangerous-looking bottle is on the bar.

After Miguel's mishap, the bottle of green stuff is nowhere to be found, as Wilford does not actually want to do more cell time for yet another murder.
02 January 2017 @ 12:35 pm
It's been a weird couple of weeks. Network stress, werewolf stress, stray dog stress, and added heat wave stress have made Wilford seriously believe the universe is out to get him. Or, apparently, the multiverse. He's not even surprised when he gets the napkin before he's even able to order anything.


What the hell
What she's having
She's paying

Once again, Wilford finds a bottle of something that doesn't look safe to even touch, let alone drink, and puts it on the bar. He adds a small note the the bottom of the specials board.

Survive a shot of the green stuff and drink for free.

Happy Hour is open!

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07 December 2016 @ 06:43 pm
Ivan wanted a break which wasn't possible now that he was running the Embassy and Miles was searching for Galeni. Miles would figure something out, but he didn't know how to stop. When Milliways met him at their shared door, he smiled and started to loosen the high collar of his green uniform.

At the counter, he received a napkin and sighed then said, "I will, a chance to talk about something new." With a little searching, he found the cocktails book and spent an enjoyable time picking drinks with names that he was happy Miles would never see.

Hyper Green Fairy
Night Skies Over London
Spicy Admiral
What's making your life hectic tonight? Share and you might get a discount.

Then he pours himself a glass of very nice wine and looks around to see who's in Milliways.

(OOC: Another elf free space but one to complain in them about. Ivan's from about the middle of Brothers in Arms. Open until it scrolls or another Happy Hour post goes up and I'll be around late tonight.)</s
25 November 2016 @ 02:26 pm
Wilford is in for a nasty surprise when he approaches the Bar. Instead of the drink he orders, he's given a napkin with a very simple set of instructions written on it.

"Like hell."

You've been nothing but trouble. This, or scrub the kitchens. Goodnight!

It takes him a moment to pick his jaw up from the floor. He hadn't been warned about this sort of thing, and isn't terribly pleased about it. He's also not terribly keen to find out what happens if he refuses, like he wants to do. So it's with much grumbling and muttered swearing that Wilford makes his way to the other side of the Bar to figure out what he's supposed to be doing. After a few minutes, he's worked out the specials board at least.


Sex with an Alligator
An Orgy of Liquors
Wild Squirrel Sex

He has also found a bottle of something roughly the colour of antifreeze. He barely gets the cap off to test the merchandise before the fumes from it send him reeling. The bottle goes on the bar, and the specials board gets a quick revision.

Survive a double shot of the green stuff and drink free.
22 November 2016 @ 03:32 pm
 Marcus walked in the bar area and he was wearing his signature black leather coat, with a few yellow stripes on it and began to write the daily specials of the night.

I'm a cyborg terminator,

so tonight's special is tastes of War, machines and the Human Resistance. 

For all you folks who like beer:

A wide selection of bitter IPAs
Spicy beers
and more

Marcus rolls his fingers around a empty beer glass as he bends along the side. "Hope this bartending shift isn't as boring it's made out to be."

And for your wine

We got some dessert wines
and some super dry wines

Current Mood: calm
10 November 2016 @ 10:47 am

Sasha brought another stack of paperwork in today, but when he asks Bar for coffee, 1000ml, black, paperwork, for the facilitation of, he gets a napkin instead. Tag, you're the bartender, I need some sleep.

He didn't know this was how it worked, but he has seen people tending bar before, so he does know the conventions to be observed:

All German beer half price
Saturn coffee free (in memory of the Nowhere Islands) (only one per customer)

He stashes his paperwork behind the counter and gets himself one of those German beers instead.

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13 September 2016 @ 06:59 pm
Sameth enters carrying four sheathed knives, all small, lightweight and of different metals. Younger Jim's commission reminded him of how many spells can be put into knives and the possibilities of them.

He's been working for a few days and now at a stopping point, so his shirt is clean and his hair a little wet when he enters. At the counter, he considers notes when he gets one of his own and smiles, its been a while since he bartended and will give him time to think about the knife and if he should let Security know.

Royal Silver
King's Gold
Iron Butterfly

Once he's happy with the specials, they suit the kind of work he's been doing, he gets a glass of wine and a roll from the kitchen before looking around to see who's about.

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23 June 2016 @ 03:30 pm
On the third and last day of Cubefall, the Master of Ceremonies, still dressed in silver and beaded fringe, stops by the Bar and receives a note on a rainbow colored napkin. The Bar enjoys it when Emcee hosts happy hours, and she is only too glad to oblige.

After requesting some music, and getting a portable speaker linked to a smartphone, Emcee sets to writing out some specials on the board while shaking her tush to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." The playlist for the evening includes other upbeat selections from Queen, ABBA, Madonna, Prince, and the like.


Your choice of alcoholic (schnapps, wine cooler, etc.) or non-alcoholic (fruit juice, Kool-Aid, etc.) beverage in any of these colors:


With that done, she pours a glass of gin (clear) for herself, and nimbly hops up to sit on the counter.

"Come and get it, darlings!" she sings out over the music.

[OOC: Millitiming this because of bodily difficulties that prevented me from doing it last week. And I really wanted to do it. So! I invite you to put on your Cubefall hats one more time (or not). Feel free to tag each other party style if you like. Thanks <3]
14 June 2016 @ 01:49 am
Ah, the end of the universe. Franklin's been here a few times ... but Milliways has always been his favourite version.

So when Bar sighs at his request for a beer and tell him to get it himself (as well as for the next fifty people in line) he's happy to hop over and work off his past self's tab.


Whiskey Sour
Vodka Sunset
Chocolate Milkshake

...that's about all he knows how to make, unless it's a simple "Jack & Cola".