19 September 2017 @ 02:49 pm
 [Today, the man who refuses to take off his mask with reddish eyes and complete with a gas mask is wiping the bar's counter]

Not sure who talked him into it, but he was providing today's happy hour.

The Helghast Colonel stood in the bar writing down specials for the day. 

"Welcome to my day"

Today's specials:

Fireball Whisky
Helghast Special- My own mix
Ludds Blood

The tables seemed to have some sort of theme today, they were covered with a blood red along with black line going through it.

14 July 2017 @ 08:25 am
The French presence in Milliways may have quieted down a bit, as new guests come to the place and old residents settle into their ways. But it's 14 juillet, the Fête nationale, anniversary of the kick-off of one of the greatest Revolutions, and Lesgle isn't letting it pass unmarked.

He's an old hand at this by now, and bustles around behind the bar. Gets out the tricolor flag, the bunting, the cockades. Cheese, fruit, crackers. Sandwiches. Red wine, champagne, and Various Blue Drinks. A welcoming smile for all comers.


reads the chalkboard, and



Ça ira!

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19 April 2017 @ 01:58 pm
Emcee comes downstairs looking like the opposite of what he'd looked like to anyone who'd seen him last.

That is, he looks like himself. And more importantly, in the bigger scheme of things, he feels like himself.

Clad in his usual repurposed tuxedo trousers and suspenders, a white sleeveless undershirt, and grungy boots, he's also made the effort to put on makeup. Smoky blue eyeshadow, crimson lipstick. Because this is who he is.

When he reaches the Bar, he receives a note from Sinric saying a fond farewell. And he also receives a note from Bar herself, saying that he has bartending duty now. Never one to shirk a bartending shift, he takes a moment to ask for a few items before agreeing and lets her have her nap.

He sets up an iThing music player on the back shelf to play a collection of electro swing, beginning with a little ditty called Star Wars - Cantina Band. Emcee has no idea who or what this is but it's catchy, and he bops in place as he writes the specials on the board.

Happy Hour Specials
Gin Rickey
French 75
Bee's Knees
Corpse Reviver
Hanky Panky

With that done, he pours himself a glass of cherry schnapps and snacks on Belgian fries from a huge bowl, enough to share with anyone who comes by.

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03 April 2017 @ 11:55 am
Sam's visit to Milliways today comes with a price as he gets the infamous napkin. "Alright, Lady, I got you. Before you go though, can I get whatever crazy kinds of lemonades you can manage? It's Spring right?"

Bar provides and soon Sam is standing in front of an alchemists dream of beakers, tubes, and coils.
Lemonades of all kinds
Alcoholic available on request, as are frozen or mixed.

Half-off if you try the purple stuff.
First drink free if you wear a pair of sunglasses from the box.

To the side of him is a box filled with crazy sunglasses. He seems to already have his pair picked out.

Unnoticed by Sam is a little cardbox booth, about the size of a mug, which reads, "The Counselor is In"

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21 March 2017 @ 09:21 pm
Thor has been feeling steadily more ill. )

Kevin jogs downstairs. He's found himself a plaid shirt and skinny tie and tight jeans somewhere. His hair has grown -- which is weird -- but he's decided he rather likes the resultant ability to pull off a man-bun.

"Remodeling," he says to the room, with only mild bemusement. "Nice."

But oh man, there's a bar here, and there's no one behind it. Right, no worries. He knows what to do!

You'll find Kevin sitting behind the bar in perfect comfort, ignoring all passersby unless directly addressed, leafing through a magazine. There's a Welcome To Milliways pamphlet at his elbow, thrown carelessly on top of the office-style phone that's also appeared there, and a pair of glasses frames on his face.

Up on the Specials board, it says simply:


03 February 2017 @ 11:49 am
Wilford's feeling pretty good today, despite appearances. He comes in today with the stiff gait of someone who's probably hiding a broken rib or two. He's not wearing his glasses today, but the cut across the bridge of his nose and the bruising on his face is probably a good indicator of why.

He doesn't even have to wonder why he's served with a napkin this week. But as far as reprimands go, he's had worse.


Anything at eye level

If he can't reach it, you're not getting it.

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27 January 2017 @ 11:22 am
Wilford is not riding out the tail end of a bad trip when he comes in today. Nor is he attempting to drown half the bar. But he did make an awfully big mess the last time he was in, so instead of the lunch he came in for today, he gets a napkin telling him to work off the costs of the clean-up instead.

All right then. If that's how things are going to be.


Green Stuff
This Blue Shit
Whatever the Fuck That Thing Is

The bottles are all helpfully laid out on the bar, with their weird labels and contents that look varying degrees of radioactive. Or you can order off the specials menu, if you don't feel like potentially getting killed today.

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20 January 2017 @ 11:46 am
Last night was odd. Wilford needs about six more hours of morning before he thinks he'll even start to feel human. He woke up in his dressing room (which means he passed out at some point), to find it a disaster, and nope. This is not what he wants to deal with right now.

As soon as he finds Milliways, Wilford wanders behind the Bar and finds the remote for the TV, and finds a local news channel. And the headline he finds* goes a little bit of the way into jumpstarting his attention span.

So it's right about now that he notices the napkin on the bar. Because of course it's there.


Red Death
Black Death
Death Sentence
Creeping Death

With that done, Wilford leans against the bar to watch the news.

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13 January 2017 @ 11:57 am
It's hard to miss the shenanigans when Wilford comes into the bar today, sans dog. He's also not surprised when he gets a napkin instead of the lunch he orders. That's how things are going to be, it seems. That's fine. Even if he is a terrible bartender, being back here will give him an excellent vantage point to watch everyone panic and scramble to pay their bills. And what's stopping him from helping in the only way he knows how?


Easy Money
Joe's Cash Money
Miss Money Penny
Run for Your Money
Show Me Tha Money
Money Shot

Survive a shot of the green stuff and drink for free

As usual, the dangerous-looking bottle is on the bar.

After Miguel's mishap, the bottle of green stuff is nowhere to be found, as Wilford does not actually want to do more cell time for yet another murder.
02 January 2017 @ 12:35 pm
It's been a weird couple of weeks. Network stress, werewolf stress, stray dog stress, and added heat wave stress have made Wilford seriously believe the universe is out to get him. Or, apparently, the multiverse. He's not even surprised when he gets the napkin before he's even able to order anything.


What the hell
What she's having
She's paying

Once again, Wilford finds a bottle of something that doesn't look safe to even touch, let alone drink, and puts it on the bar. He adds a small note the the bottom of the specials board.

Survive a shot of the green stuff and drink for free.

Happy Hour is open!

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24 November 2016 @ 09:05 am
*(offer not valid for turkeys)

Did you see that?
Just a little bit of movement in the corner of your eye.
Wait...there it is again!
What is that?
Is...is that a hand print made to look like...a turkey?

You bet your sweet bippy it is!
Because Thanksgiving is Mike's favorite holiday.
Or at very least it's tied for first on his list of favorite holidays.

If one were so inclined, one could investigate the hand turkeys further.
Upon investigation one might just realize that they create a path that leads out of the Bar proper and in the direction of the Caribbean Outlet.

There, in the warm sand, several tables have been set up.
They're decorated for the season, with literal cornucopias and paper turkeys.

(Lake Rule apply. Tag in, tag often.

25 July 2016 @ 01:44 pm
 Selina strolls in and gets a note from Jay when she hops up onto a bar stool. She also gets the infamous note from Bar.

"You know I'm underage right? Okaaay, but can I have one of those t-minus things before you call it a night? Awesome thanks."

So saying, she walks around to the other side as she fires up the strange device. It kind of gives her heebie jeebies, truth be told, but she's a Gothamite, she'll deal. Then she remembers she needs to put up specials if this is going to be a happy hour.

Happy Hour Specials*
Pop, whatever flavor (assuming I can find it)
Floats (with ice cream or whatever)
Shaved ice

Making the sign takes her a lot longer than one might expect if they'd been watching (and you wouldn't do something creepy like that would you?), with her having to rewrite several of the words many times. Once she's satisfied with the results (more like giving up to be honest), she settles against the back counter and goes back to figuring out the t-minus.

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14 July 2016 @ 08:08 am
The fourteenth of July again--again!--makes it time for Milliways' third annual celebration of the Fête nationale. (Has Lesgle really been here long enough for that? Is this what eternity feels like, periodically scratching your head and reckoning up which anniversary this is? Well, it's been a good long-enough-for-that, and he'll do his best to make it a good anniversary.) So this is probably a familiar sight to bar regulars: the tricolor flag draped behind the bar, the bunting and cockades.

As Lesgle begins setting up drinks--red wine, white wine, and blue things*--Bar surprises him with a large cake: not in the shape of the Bastille this time, but an elegant three-tiered affair reading * LIBERTÉ * ÉGALITÉ * FRATERNITÉ * around the rim of each layer.

"Why Madame Bar! You are, as always, not only a pearl beyond price, but a true patriot."

The Bar gets a kiss, and if you're not careful, you might too!

*Some of the blue drinks are relatively harmless cocktails featuring blue curaçao. Some of the blue drinks are Romulan Ale. Drink at your own risk.

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As Dr. Hannibal Lecter comes to the bar tonight, he puts his hand on the counter, and talks to it for a bit.

A napkin pops up.

He gets behind the bar, and puts up a sign in very careful chalk lettering:

Happy Millways Appreciation Day
12 year old MacAllan scotch
2004 Mouton Rothschild
Cucumber, mint & melon punch

Tell me about the best thing Milliways has done for you,
and your drink is on me!

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23 June 2016 @ 03:30 pm
On the third and last day of Cubefall, the Master of Ceremonies, still dressed in silver and beaded fringe, stops by the Bar and receives a note on a rainbow colored napkin. The Bar enjoys it when Emcee hosts happy hours, and she is only too glad to oblige.

After requesting some music, and getting a portable speaker linked to a smartphone, Emcee sets to writing out some specials on the board while shaking her tush to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." The playlist for the evening includes other upbeat selections from Queen, ABBA, Madonna, Prince, and the like.


Your choice of alcoholic (schnapps, wine cooler, etc.) or non-alcoholic (fruit juice, Kool-Aid, etc.) beverage in any of these colors:


With that done, she pours a glass of gin (clear) for herself, and nimbly hops up to sit on the counter.

"Come and get it, darlings!" she sings out over the music.

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21 May 2016 @ 10:35 am
Positioned behind the bar, Harry does look a touch uncertain (and thus, irritated) about what exactly he's supposed to be doing. But he has followed the instructions Bar gave him. He's put up a sign (handily translated from the mostly unintelligible mess that the mix of his poor handwriting and medieval script styles creates):

Green one

(This last refers to a strange bottle he found while poking around the shelves.)

And, of course, he is presently following the rest of Bar's commands: he is standing, ready to help anyone who happens to pass by.

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19 May 2016 @ 03:53 pm
Sonya was coming down for a quick dinner when a note appeared with her name on it. "Bar tend? The hell do I know about bartending?" To say nothing of interacting with customers. Yes, she did KP when she was much younger, but

'Just serve drinks, the rest is easy.'
Read another appearing note. "Fine, but only because it'll take off my own tab."

Heading behind the bar, Sonya was glad to find a mixer guide with drink recipes, giving it a quick skim before setting it down. If she was going do this, she'd do it her way.

Happy Hour
sloe gin and apple juice
Whiskey Ginger
Seasonal beers on tap

Virgin mary
Chinese firebolt
Cran-dandy cooler

   25% off for military personnel-current and retired

That done, Sonya pulled up the book and started learning recipes, While she wasn't sure if anyone would come, or would just ask for wine or coffee, she'd rather have the recipes memorized then having to constantly double check.

ooc note: This Sonya's from the Mortal Kombat X timeline, see this
note if your pup's tagged Sonya prior to meeting this version.
10 May 2016 @ 02:03 pm
Coming in from spending the day outside fighting, all Sam had wanted was an ice pack and a nice tall cold one. Instead he got the napkin. "Okay," he says heading for the big book, "but while I'm setting up, how about an ice pack? Thanks."

"Happy Hour is go folks!" Sam calls out, pouring himself an Arnold Palmer and holding the ice pack to his cheek.

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There's a rush of clattering from inside of the kitchen doors as a certain someone hurriedly gets everything set in order to DO THE THING. It has been way too long since Beauford had a Dual Tending, and being several minutes late isn't helping him any tonight.

The smells coming from inside of the kitchen might be...because there's the tang of good barbeque sauce drifting out from those double doors. All smoke and sweet and a faint hint of spice...

Get your food and drink on!

Caralized Onion Smoked BBQ ribs with sweet potato home fries
Rosemary Pork Roast with garlic mashed potatoes

Asian Steak and Noodle salad (flank steak, seared, marinated, sliced and served on a bed of semsame-ginger-lime noodles with mint, cilantro and peach slices)
Beef Stroganoff: beef tips in a creamy mushroom sauce with thick egg noodles

Mother-and-Children Donburi (Chicken and egg on rice with pickled veggie side)
Chicken Salad on a toasted Croissant with dill pickle and veggie chips

Forest Veggie Risotto with parmesan cheese (white asparagus, portabella mushrooms, carrots and leek)
Homestyle Four Cheese Mac and Cheese (Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda and Mascarpone)

Skullkicker stew: The hearty stew with just a bit of every kind of meat save the fowl and fish, and plenty of hearty potatoes and veggies! Stock made with apple cider and dark beer!
Godzilla Chili: Available in mere mortal and full furnace spicyness levels.

Watermelon Mojito
Aztec Chocolate Martini
Lemon Lavender Cheesecake Martini
Masked Vigilante

-Half off all tap beers and ciders-
-Eat a bowl of Godzilla Chili at full furnance without flinching and all your drinks tonight are free!-

Your tender is: Beauford Tannen

With a hasty flourish, the harried 20-something man signs his name onto the chalkboard and sets out the tip jar with a heavy clunk.

Soup's ON!
15 February 2016 @ 06:23 pm
Seeing all the people in handcuffs reminds William of his father and Ben Wade. When he goes up to the Bar to get a drink, he gets a napkin and moves behind the Bar.

Compared to some other odd times at Milliways, this might not be awful but it doesn't seem easy, he'll do what he can to make it a little easier.

If you're handcuffed, your first drink is free.

Then he pours himself a whiskey and looks around for friends and anyone to serve.