The bar room of Milliways is always full of sound - the clatter of dishes and clink of glasses, chairs being scooted back or further in, footsteps upon the floor, rats squeaking, the background murmur of conversations overlapping one another.

But tonight the main door to the bar opens to the mouth of an city alleyway, to a caucophony of noise and music, full of seething crowds and colorful parade floats, the smells of food and sweat and smoke and beer and those colorful fruity drinks sold in yard-long plastic glasses with umbrellas in them. Mardi Gras is in full swing and New Orleans has outdone itself this time.

Yrael enters, trailing laughter from a section of the crowd on the other side. His white hair is decorated with purple, gold and green feathers, his pale face partially hidden by a sharp, glittery cat mask of gold, behind which his green eyes are bright. Over his white shirt this evening he wears a shiny waistcoat of purple, gold, green, and black. It's clearly party time, big time, show time -

"And then some!" he grins, seeing Milliways. "Fat Tuesday is upon us, Milliways! Welcome to Mardi Gras! Come, dance, explore! Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Yrael will make sure the door stays open for any party-goer who would like to partake in the joie de vivre, and the Bar can certainly provide a change of costume...

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11 February 2016 @ 05:55 pm
Jay comes up from the garage in his usual jeans and jacket look.

Which turns into something out of an Arabian Nights ballet. Or a pantomime.

Red gold slave bands around his throat and upper arms. Bare chested with red silk drapes from the red gold belt, the outfit shows off Jay's scars and hard muscles (and a lot more if he's not careful.)

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Jay growls and stalks to the bar, in desperate need of a drink.
10 February 2016 @ 07:06 pm
The Master of Ceremonies comes downstairs one evening and


he is suddenly dressed head to toe in the most flamboyant 18th century attire he has ever seen, complete with a rather large and elaborate hat to house a tall pompadour.

With a flounce and a sigh, and a hand upon his hip, he gives Madame Bar a sassy, red-lipped smirk.

"Darling, you really must try harder if you want to make me look ridiculous, because this, quite honestly, is fucking fabulous."
10 February 2016 @ 09:54 am
 Amelia comes in and immediately feels the effects of a transfiguration upon herself. Scowling, she snatches the silver tray from a passing wait rat in order to see what has been done, all the while ignoring the squeaking protests of the rat. Seeing the regal and ceremonial dress of a sacred Aztec dancer*, all red feathers and gold-scaled dress, she nods and smiles.

Handing the tray back to the rat, she conjures a piece of aged cheddar to sooth its fur. Seeing other changed as well, she wonders aloud, "What celebration is this?"

Much later, there is a red feathered dragon, about the size of a Learjet (shh, she's still young), dancing in the skies.

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[[OOC: *
09 February 2016 @ 08:38 pm
When Seimei walks through the Door, he feels extremely disoriented for a moment or so.

And then he looks down at himself.


Correction: she looks down at herself. "Well," she says in a silky contralto, "I don't know about this color combination.* It's certainly striking, but I'm not sure it's fashionable."

Seimei reaches up and back to touch her hair, which is now a few inches longer than she is tall. Fortunately, her trailing robes keep it from dragging on the floor.

"Let's see if I still have my pockets...ah. Here it is." She pulls a small compact out of her sleeves and looks at herself. "Thank goodness. No painted-on eyebrows." With some trepidation, she bares her teeth. "And no blackened teeth." Which is good, because the lacquered teeth would be more historically accurate than she wants to get. She puts the compact away and pulls out a folding fan instead.

"I suppose if I am in this situation, I might as well have fun with it," she says to herself. With a mischievous grin hidden behind her fan, Seimei goes off to find some people she knows (and mess with their heads).

*It's the outfit in the lower right-hand corner.

[OOC: Happy Mardi Gras! Open for the rest of the week. Thar be slowtimes ahead, as usual.]
21 February 2015 @ 05:22 pm
The morning the sacrifice at Upsala, Sonya had a lot to thing about. She was right in the priest's reaction to Athelstan as a sacrifice, and his replacement, but watching the ceremony-seeing those men willingly give their lives for their gods. She and Athelstan remained in the back, her hand holding onto his while each man was killed on the alter. She didn't know Lief beyond a name and face, but to look at his face-more then just a life was being lost.

Sonya went down into bar with another thought in mind. Besides the ceremony, her time in Upsala made something even more stronger. She didn't know when or if this Charles' Xavier was bound or merely a patron-best to get this done sooner then later. First a note, then an early start on the stables to keep her mind busy.

She didn't really keep a mind on the day or holiday. Only when she stepped down did Sonya realize that bar had other ideas, her work clothes being replaced by a gown she may've only worn had she been ten years younger. The lack of straps meant that the scars on her back and shoulders were full on view for everyone, and while the color suited her, she couldn't believe to wear anything this glittery-she didn't even have a shawl with her.

"What the hell, bar!" She didn't care who was listening. Of course, being bar, the only response was a matching mask and a note reading 'Happy Mardi Gras'. :)

Ugh..that did explain it, though now Sonya realized that it could be worse. Though it definitely meant she wasn't doing any stable work for the rest of the day.

"Fine.." She took a seat by the fire, frowning when she saw the silver dance shoes she was given-she hadn't danced in ages. "But I'm getting my normal clothes back this evening. Could I have some paper and pen, please."

She went about writing;
"Charles Xavier,

I'm an officer in the US army, at the moment Bound in Bar. Your name was given to me by Guppy Sandu because you deal with..mental trauma.  Would it be possible to talk with you any time soon?

Thank you,

Sonya Blade

"Bar..could you send this to a Mr. Xavier next time he shows up?" The  note vanished and was replaced by a platter of beinets and cafe au late with a napkin reading 'You need to eat more." Sonya couldn't bring herself to argue.

She would, however, be more the willing to share.

19 February 2015 @ 09:46 pm
So, Jemma once received a gift from a vampire.

It's sat in her closet here since then, because really, what is she supposed to do with a sparkly short dress?

Bar has evidently decided 'wear it' is the correct answer to that question, because when she steps into the bar her smart shirt and trousers have disappeared in favor of a very sparkly cocktail dress and several brightly-colored plastic bead necklaces.

".... the hell?"

(Warnings for Tahno being Tahno and winning another convert to the idea that waterbenders are the sexiest benders in the Jemma/Tahno thread, yes)
18 February 2015 @ 04:18 pm
Apparently its Milliways' version of Fat Lunchtime and Moist is enjoying his costume of a purple silk shirt that is open at the neck and a bit billowy along with a gold vest.

He has a hurricane that he picked up at Happy Hour and is enjoying watching the various costumes go by.
17 February 2015 @ 01:56 pm
"Oh good," rumbles the green-skinned fellow in the Brahmin-skin work clothes as he steps through the door. "It worked."

When you've been unable to get to Milliways for close to two years, only to have it find you by accident, you're generally allowed a little bit of trepidation about an attempt to reach the bar on purpose. Fortunately, the Bar's as happy to see Fawkes as he is to see the Bar (no, really, he's happy, his face just looks that way by default), and gives him a note- and a vest covered in an alarming amount of gold and purple sequins.

"Well, if you say so. I hope there are tools to make opening the bottles a little easier?"

Another note. Fawkes nods and puts on the vest before stepping behind the Bar and pulling out the chalkboard.


Any mixed drink I can produce from the book of recipes

He figures it's only fair; he's likely to be slow at preparing the things, and people deserve a discount for that, especially since today appears to be some kind of pre-war holiday.
05 March 2014 @ 10:51 pm
It's that time of year. He really should have expected this. Well, maybe not this exactly.

"What... no... BAR! The frag?!"

He's still himself. Presumably that counts as a mercy. He is, however, himself in a skimpy Game-barbarian outfit, consisting of furry boots, furry shorts, and a leather harness whose only function is as a place to display his Security icon.

And a feather boa.

"I'm not kidding, Bar! It's my shift! You have to give me something better than this!"

The feather boa becomes a feathered cloak, still in Mardi Gras colours and looking like something out of a Vegas dressing room, but at least it's got coverage.

"Ugh. You know what? Fine."

At least he's still got his sword.
05 March 2014 @ 02:18 am
Father Harman has not yet gone home, as he is still missing his gun; so he has been spending his day in the library once again.

But when he comes downstairs, the bar is slightly more colourful and rowdy than usual; and as he steps off the stairs and puts his foot into the bar proper, what he is wearing changes.

Instead of his usual black, priest-like civilian clothes, he finds himself in a leather cuirass, a long red cape, a helmet with a huge red feather bush and a dark furry cape around the shoulder, sandals, greaves, and an embarrassingly complete and utter lack of any trousers whatsoever.

Groaning involuntarily, he sinks into the nearest chair and pulls his cape all around himself. In a while, he will decide whether to dare approach the bar, or simply take himself back upstairs. He has taken worse hits to his dignity than the sillly Roman general costume -- but then, at least, it had some sort of purpose.

This is just the bar poking fun at him.-
04 March 2014 @ 06:27 pm
Rae can't help but laugh when she walks in, finding her regular clothes transformed into a flowery, fluttery turquoise blue dress, with a matching, infinitely sparkly mask fitted upon her face.

"Okay, okay," she says with a wry laugh. "Guess I couldn't miss it every time."

Best make the most of it, right? She's feeling adventuresome tonight. After a quick look through the recipe books, the Specials Board goes up.

Mardi Gras Happy Hour!
Storm of the Century
Siren's Song
Red Snapper
Creole Bloody Mary
Show off your costume - All drinks 25% off
Free stack of pancakes with drink order

That done, Rae settles herself behind the bar - careful not to let her skirt knock anything over, of course.

"Happy Mardi Gras, Milliways! What'll it be?"
Current Mood: cheerful
04 March 2014 @ 08:03 am
When Joshua comes into the bar today, everything about him changes. Startled, he looks down, stares, then walks back through the door.

After a few minutes, he returns, only to be greeted by the same change in himself. "Ok, what by the gods is going on?" His voice has changed as well, to one used to command.

[ooc: I'll be in and out until about five-thirty and then back solidly, but I had to be mean to him. Post open forever.]
03 March 2014 @ 10:25 pm
When Allie steps through the door, something... unusual happens. Namely, instead of wearing the body of a petite blonde 20-something girl, she's almost a foot taller, built like a linebacker, and very male. Oh, and there's the chainmail and other Arthurian-appropriate garb.

Some combination of shock, sudden change in body mass, and simple misfortune make her first act in the new body to trip spectacularly and land on the floor, where she might as well stay for a few minutes because what.

She grabs a lock of (short! male!) hair and pulls on it, staring at it (well, its general direction - again, short) like it might well turn into a snake and bite her. "What just - did - " Allie frantically pats her cheeks. "Am I deincarnated?"

Someone might want to explain Mardi Gras to her.
11 February 2013 @ 10:37 pm
There is a new(ish) wench inside the bar
Tonight, that's not been seen
Before within this space, and likely
Will not be seen again too soon.

Ned Poins hath known the favour of a god
Upon a feast that suits for suchlike things
And waits to see the outcome of his trick.

Also, fieryTrigon is signed on,
As Poins has not yet found out how
The thing is turned off.-

[[OOC: Thread where Poins is changed still in progress, but I promise we will get there!]]
18 March 2011 @ 11:46 pm
[[belated OOM: On Mardi Gras, Urquhart and Moist take advantage of Urquhart being temporarily female. Warning for HET sex!]]
08 March 2011 @ 04:20 pm
Guess who forgot what day it is?

Annabelle is staring at her new, er, costume. "Fucking Milliways," she says with a sigh.

At least she can take the Big Freaking Gun apart and see how it's put together, which is an improvement over SOME of the costumes she's been saddled with.
07 March 2011 @ 09:32 pm
It's Posner's first Mardi Gras in Milliways, so he isn't at all expecting the drastic change that comes over him when he steps inside. His center of gravity shifts dramatically, and his clothing becomes a bit tight in some places and a bit loose in others and all over too long.

"Oh, Christ..."
06 March 2011 @ 03:23 pm
Ako would like, among other things, a shirt that closes, some dignity and, just maybe, her gender back.

Instead there is a glass of ice water.

Botherable, if mortified.
05 March 2011 @ 09:10 pm
Enzo is at the bar, and laughing rather loudly.

He picked up a few issues of Phantom Comics when he was in Dani's world for her birthday. One of them treats on the writers' interpretation of Dani Phantom's boyfriend—to wit, him.

Even in his own world, where his whole family are celebrities and the media people are working from events on public record, they get things wrong. These writers had only a handful of rumours and half-truths to go on, but, by gum, they made the most of them.

And so, Enzo is cracking up at the overdramatic adventures of Prince Enzo of Vahn Cou'verre when he feels his clothing reboot and looks down.

"Gee, thanks."

At least it doesn't feel terribly different from his usual uniform, but that is definitely more gold braid than he is used to.

[OOC: Still a sprite, still green, but... yeah, the outfit.]