13 September 2017 @ 02:26 pm
There is an glittery, glimmering, positively iridescent white cloud perched on the edge of the bar, its tail lashing restlessly this way and that. Having given up trying to keep the splashes of metallic-hued glitter from his fur, Yrael has turned his efforts towards working up a massive sulk.

The effect may be ruined by the occasional kitty sneeze - embarrassingly cute at the best of times - of silver and copper-hued glitter.

Yrael hates everyone in this bar.
11 September 2017 @ 04:15 pm
Ever since Jay's birthday party, Emcee has had the sniffles. Not terrible, really, but just enough to annoy him, and to prompt him to emerge from his room and go downstairs to fetch some tea with lemon and honey.

It's when he enters the main bar that he suddenly sneezes.

And blows holographic rainbow glitter all over his handkerchief.

Because of course it would be holographic rainbow glitter.

"...Oh, dear."

The Bar presents him with a cup of tea in a vaguely helpful manner.
11 September 2017 @ 08:16 pm
Teja is sitting by the fireplace, playing his harp and occasionally sneezing undignified and un-gothy glitter.

His little black kitten, Nahts, seems to find it endlessly fascinating.
13 August 2017 @ 11:36 am
Teja is sitting in a chair by the fireplace, playing his guitar, with a black kitten on his shoulder. He's wearing a faded black shirt saying GOTH in cracked red, and stompy motorcycle boots.

So far, so normal. But actually, he isn't.
08 August 2017 @ 09:23 pm
OOM: Bodhi and Galen go visiting Gotland with Teja. And certain parts of the story come out.

{ooc: warnings for emotional content. Mentions of violence, abuse, psychological torture, and attempted suicide. Also, massive spoilers for Rogue One as told through Skaldic tradition. But there are kittens too.}

[Tiny tag: Bodhi Rook, Galen Erso]
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09 July 2017 @ 10:52 pm
Not far from the forge, Teja the Ostrogoth and Galen Erso are putting the finishing touches on a -- thing.

It consists of copper pipes and flowerpots and rubber tubes and little windmills and solar panels and clanking gears and slightly glowy tiny crystals arranged in swirly patterns. It looks like a steampunk version of a Rube Goldberg device or Tinguely artwork, with aesthetics via the Star Wars universe, which is probably what it is.

You're quite welcome to take a look, or enquire, or just be baffled by the apparently purpose-free art of it all while the Gothic smith and the ex-Imperial engineer are bringing their cunning artifice up to their exacting standards.

[[OOC: Say in your tag whom you want or get both. tinytag: galen erso]]
02 July 2017 @ 09:32 pm
Outside on the grass, from the Scout Hut towards the beach, there is bunting and fairy lights and a large banner.


The fair is here for the whole week, and there's something for everyone, so come along and join us!

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25 June 2017 @ 11:40 am
At the sparring grounds this morning, there are several people around. It had been raining in the night, and the morning is cool and invites exercise.
  • Teja is having an all-out axe fight with his sparring droid which he calls Valentinian, given to him by Atton Rand many years ago. This droid doesn't talk, as Atton had ripped out the talking module just in case the rest of the re-programming wasn't complete enough; but for all these years, Valentinian has done nothing but spar when told to.
  • Galen Erso, on the other hand, is sitting on a tree trunk and watching the Goth proudly denting the ancient, priceless antique some more. As far as he is concerned, this droid belongs in a museum; but as he got here from talking to Teja about his irrigation system and the parts he needs for it, he's not going to offend the smith who has offered to make things for him.
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter, at the same time, is going through his kendo moves, fully suited up despite the fact that he has no opponent, a situation in which usually, kendo-gi and hakama are considered to be enough.
  • Dorian Gray, on the other hand, is perched on a hurdle, a blue Wedgewood mug of tea in hand, and just observes the sparring warriors with unashamed fascination.
  • Father Pearse Harman, finally, is walking back and forth between the bar and Javert's little church in the woods, getting the Sunday service ready.

[[tinytag: galen erso]]
27 May 2017 @ 06:16 pm
{ooc: Millitimed to after visiting with the Guardians, who are locked up. Again.}

Bodhi comes back from the cells, clearly in a good mood. He ducks into the kitchen and starts packing up another box of cookies.

He has a big plate of them to share around if anyone wants some.

[Tiny tag - Bodhi Rook]
27 May 2017 @ 06:10 pm
OOM: After Bodhi hits rock bottom, Teja offers a chance to visit another world, spent some quiet time living the simple life in Gotland.

{ooc: warning for recovery, kittens, tears and telling tales by firelight.}
[Tiny tag: Bodhi Rook]
21 May 2017 @ 09:47 am
It's in a predictably bad mood that Wilford comes into the bar today. He shows no sign of having been blown up by a maniac outside, aside from the fact that he may be plotting said maniac's death. But he doesn't want to find Jim right now. That might end with one of them burning the entire place to the ground, and even Wilford can understand that such an outcome would be undesirable.

So instead, he sits down in front of the fire, propping his feet up on the coffee table, and quietly thinks about all the ways in which he can make Jim wish he hadn't done what he did.
20 May 2017 @ 07:30 pm
Ganymede comes into the bar dressed in deep midnight blue and stark white, hair tied back and twined with golden ribbon, and moving stiffly, as if suddenly he felt his legitimate age with no explanation. At the bar he lays a hand on the wood and receives a small, fine linen pouch and a handful of bleached white bones, parts of their surfaces coated with lustrous gold.

They're astralagi, jackstones used to play a game older than Ganymede himself; with an easy flick of his hand one of the weird sinuous shapes is tossed into the air, coming back down balanced just below his knuckles on the back of his hand. It's an easy game to play, but hard to master; he has time. He may even be at it for a while between sips of strong, tart cherry juice. It's so much so that it nearly makes his eyes water, and as he hunches over he winces, sitting up straight again.

Suffice it to say he's a little sore.
19 May 2017 @ 05:58 pm
After the massive explosion the other day, Teja is outside to investigate. Something serious has blown up in the woods; it reminds Teja of what Bodhi had been telling of the star-killer machine of his world.

The charring and destruction feels as if a small one of those had been tested here, but whatever for?
14 May 2017 @ 01:51 pm
 Over the mountains, a thunderstorm is gathering; in an hour or perhaps even just thirty minutes, it might be pouring down. But as yet, people are about, among them:
  • Teja, who is wandering the woods and the lakeside looking for canine activity. So far, he has found the traces of a veritable pack and several humans with them, but somehow he suspects that Buster the Inept was not part of that merry outing. Furthermore, he found two dead demonic rabbits, but they were too far gone for him to see if they were killed by a dog. Also, he doubts that Buster would be able to kill these creatures. When it starts raining, he will make his way back to the bar.
  • Father Pearse Harman is on the lawn, having afternoon tea complete with scones and cream. He is reading a book with it, and ignoring the weather so far. He is, after all, English.
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter is two tables over, on the lawn as well, with coffee and drawing utensils. He is drawing dogs in sepia pencil.
  • Ragnar Lothbrok is in the bar-room itself, ordering things from the bar which he stows into two rather small bags. He has a paper on a table which he looks at from time to time. Apparently, the Viking is planning to leave.
  • Lady Margolotta is sitting in a dark corner of the bar, far away from the windows, checking things off in a large ledger. The table around it is covered in papers that look like lists.
13 May 2017 @ 09:04 am
Wilford has had a few days to calm down and think about the current situation at hand.

No, that's not right at all. Wilford has had a few days to get riled up into a hair-trigger rage. His dog is still missing, and the responsible party has yet to nut up enough to admit guilt. Though, he has had some time to think, and may have changed his mind about some details. Not that Teja's smug ass will be getting any sort of apology, since he shouldn't have threatened to steal the dog in the first place.

dog plot )

It's with all this circling around in his head that Wilford is over by the fire, pretending to be going through notes, but in reality, being too angry to even focus on his own writing.

[ooc: there is no violence or dogs under the cut. There is violence in the thread with Jim.]
02 May 2017 @ 10:54 am
When he enters the bar today, Kylo is slightly shocked at how much he feels in the Force. It's stronger than his last visit. This requires some looking into.

To do so, he's slowly and quietly creeping his way around the bar proper, for now, to see if he can determine any source of what he feels. If there's nothing inside, he'll try the outdoors later.
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30 April 2017 @ 11:30 pm
[[After Chirrut and Baze got into fisticuffs with Teja (who then got his ass handed to him thoroughly by a blind old monk), X-23 intervened, and the two Guardians ended up in the cells, where they can be visited.]]
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29 April 2017 @ 04:09 pm
In this pocket of Millitime, there is a spot of insistent rain around this Saturday afternoon.
  • Teja is watching from the eaves of the forge as Egil is out playing in the rain, wearing wellie boots and a little sou'wester, chasing fallen petals in the puddles, and carrying insects to safety. All three cats are lined up by the forge-fire, secretly of the opinion that their little human has completely lost his mind.
  • Father Harman is walking through the woods towards the little church, wearing sensible shoes and carrying an umbrella.
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter is in the herb garden, moving potted plants in and out of the rainfall according to some system only known to himself.
  • Ragnar Lothbrok is fishing. Rain is a good weather for that. Fish bite better then.
  • Dorian Gray is walking through the woods, barefoot and in shirtsleeves, enjoying the rain just because.
  • Alex Vause is sitting by an open window, reading a book and listening to the rainfall.
28 April 2017 @ 01:29 pm
Here's the thing:

Chirrut Imwe has never learned to swim.

He's never needed to, not really. The only body of water big enough to properly swim in close to NiJedha was in the kyber caves, and it was cold enough to freeze a man solid within minutes.

So he never learned. It never became an issue.

Except now he lives (non!lives? after-lives? The terminology is difficult) in a place that has an abundance of water. Logic says that the blind man should just avoid the lake, or the pools, or the spa, because there's this saying about old dogs and new tricks. Chirrut may be called a mad dog sometimes, but he's also getting to be that proverbial old dog.

Chirrut never liked sayings like that anyway.

So this morning he laid out his plan to Baze with tactical precision, - finding a place that was a more controlled environment, tempting Baze with warmth, and then off-handedly noting that if Baze was too busy, he could go himself, it would be fine.

This would be why there are two Jedhan men, dressed in swim trunks, at the edge of one of the spa's heated pools. They are both battered and bruised - Chirrut's ribs are mottled to every color of the rainbow, Baze's face is sporting a heavy bruise and his hands are wrapped securely against further damage.

One of them is sure it can't be as hard as everyone is making it out to be. The other one is not so sure. They might not know they need help, but it would be advisable. Or at least, watching them flounder should be entertaining.

(tiny tags: Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe, Dodger, Mark)
24 April 2017 @ 09:22 pm
Spring has fully sprung, the cherry blossoms have been and gone, and the season is making some people rather frisky and restless. This state of nervous energy has different ways of expressing itself, in different people.
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter is in the Caribbean inlet, swimming laps -- he seems to have marked out two landmarks on the shore, and swims back and forth, parallel to the beach, in flawless form, just as if he was in a pool.
  • Ragnar Lothbrok is riding his motorcycle around the lake. He's going very fast and making it roar, which is fun.
  • Father Pearse Harman is in the bar, has thrown open the windows closest to the piano, and is playing and singing old Ivor Novello songs with a good voice and not much inhibition.
  • Alex Vause has taken a punching bag outside, has hung it in a tree near the sparring grounds, and proceeds to beat the living daylights out of the poor thing.
  • And finally, Teja's three forge cats (Myrrh having defected to stay with Bodhi) are chasing each other all through the bar, outside through the garden, jumping in through the windows Harman left open and up a pillar into the rafters, in an obstacle race all around the chairs and table, out again through the back door between the feet of some poor bewildered patron, all the way down to the forge, and up again, weaving among the late tulips and hyacinths and in through the kitchen door, where the rats scatter and scold. And on into the bar once again... They seem indefatigable. Teja, in the meanwhile, is sitting by the backdoor, teaching little Egil to fletch arrows.